720 attemps

Nice, looks like you’ll land them soon!

lol I don’t know if he will land it soon… because you still have to work a lot on them!!
here are some tips that may help you :wink:

  1. jump higher!!
  2. spin around your hand = more control!! do not just throw it around
  3. learn 540 really good… you have to be able to do them 100%, certainly your landing has to be better (i think:p) because the seat is to much in front of you :wink: if you want to land 720, you prob won’t be able to catch your seat…
    try to put some power on your backhand, and spin it around your fronthand (it is hard to explain)
  4. practise more =D
  5. keep you body straight and above your uni… (but I think you did that quite good)

It took me quite a long time to reach the 720 :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully you will get them much faster then me…

Tim’s tips are right. But Tim I think hes close :stuck_out_tongue: The main thing you need for 720 is to have the guts to commit, to keep your body over the uni. You just need to jump higher and spin a bit faster. Like Tim said, power comes from the backhand like he said. Just spin hard!