70cm Sidehop

Yay, new record for me.

I want to see what some of you trials riders on the forums think, and any advice.

2 things have really helped me. I’ve tried to make it more of an explosive prehop, which I think is helping. Spencer also have me a tip to think of jumping up the obstacle on my feet, and just adding those few more inches of the wheel, which really helps too, thanks Spencer :slight_smile:

So yeah, what do you guys think?


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Your prehop looked a bit close. Pull your seat nearer to your head and tuck more, still room for improvement there. You were jumping about 5-10cm higher. Add some plywood to your stack of pallets.

Other than that you lack power. Just wait till you’ve finished growing and start beefing up.

darn it, now I have to go hit seventy :angry:

darn it, now I have to go hit seventy :angry:

Darnit now you have to get better…man, so much easier to just suck your whole life

Thanks Emile. :slight_smile:

I folded the tape measure, because I had no one to hold it up for me. I cut the clip, because I didn’t want it to take so long. If you don’t actually believe me, I will go film the same ledge again, except that I have a new ledge of pallets, 76cm that I hope to hit tomorrow, if I hit that tomorrow I will film it, and measure it with the other filming technique.

Thanks though, Emile :slight_smile: And everyone else.


New link for the 70cm :slight_smile:

With the proper measuring job.

>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rS2H4wMhAKc

Better Emile?


Prehop further away. If you have trouble doing this, practice your SIF gap (What is it btw?)

I wouldn’t want to prehop too much further away…maybe just a few more inches…

Yeah dude. Prehops are hella ugly.

Awesome job Issac! How consistent are you with 70? Makes me want to be able to ride sooo badly.

Keep it up

Swicked Isaac! It looks to me that you could have hit 75cm with the extra clearance you had on the pallet.

Thanks Max :slight_smile:

Well, I probaby tried it about 11 tried total, and got it 5 times out of those 11 times. So I don’t know if that is good or bad. Go ride!

And thanks Levi :slight_smile: I am going to go for 76cm/30" tomorrow, wish me luck :slight_smile: