700c penny farthing opportunity, UK

An elderly friend is terminally ill and he has asked his family to sell some of his property and for the money raised to go to supporting his partner, who is suffering from dementia.

I was approached because they thought I might be interested in this: its an Ammaco “penny farthing” with a 700c wheel. I have not seen the item with my own eyes, but I have access to about 20 photos of it if anyone’s interested.

I am not interested in buying it for myself, but I can see that it might be of interest to someone in this forum.

Quick Google searches show that the same model is advertised for sale at prices between about £150 and £200.

If anyone is interested, please PM me and I will put you in touch with the family.

I imagine they would expect the buyer to collect although perhaps I could help by delivering within a reasonable radius. They’re in Nottingham, east midlands, England.

Yes, I know this should perhaps be in the Trading Post, but it is an unusual item and, in the sad circumstances, I wanted to get maximum exposure for the thread.


Mike, you’d better write in the Trading Post to get the maximum exposure: posts have far less views here!

Now sold.

If you are interested in a mini penny farthing, UDC now makes one.

These are maga fun! They are an absolute hit when we take them to events. Our demo model even survived the UK trials championships!

George from UDC Korea and his kids have made a video of it in use.

Those are so cute. Can you ride on the front wheel, pretending it’s a unicycle?

yes you can, there is a video somewhere with Simon Berry doing exactly that. They are really versatile and great for riding or doing tricks on.

Try to find it, and that’s what came up!
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