700c crank length

If its any help-
Cranks, I’ve tried a few, on my 700c I like riding with 125s mostly, I use 150s for off muni, and 110 or 90s for track racing. I don’t like the very short cranks in traffic, but the 125s are fine.
A bit of practise with your new 125s and you’ll be fine. You can go a bit faster than on 150s becasue your feet are doing smaller circles. You might find it helpfull to THINK your feet in circles for a few rides to get a smoother circle rather than a an Up/down motion. Don’t forget you may need to adjust your saddle hight with the new cranks to get it comfy again.


OK, so what if you try the dancefloor effect?

Do something more difficult for a while, then the original exercise seems easier.

Seriously. Look for some rougher ground to ride on, or practise idling or reversing. Ride really fast, or really slowly. Then normal riding on the 150s will seem very easy indeed, and the 125s are only a little bit shorter.

Either that or you could think, “I’ve got this far. I’m already in a tiny elite. I know I can do it so i’m sure I can do it even better.”

Most people, who buy or are given unicycles never get to ride further than the length of the drive. You ride distances for fun. You are leite.

If you compare yourself to Kris Holm, or Harper, or John Foss, or Roger, you will feel feeble. If you compare yourself to Mrs. Agnes Cruett of Flat 7a, 243B Arbuthnot Street, Llandroverdyffenda, Powys, you will probably find that you are a very good unicyclist indeed.:wink:


Did a couple of tentative miles today.

I like the 125s. I have to remember that they’re a bit more responsive than the 150s.

I felt I was doing little girlie rotations and I know that the knack of freemounting is going to be slightly different cos if I put the usual amount of weight on the 1st foot, it pulls over to far. But there is a knack and I will get it in the next few days.

In some ways there is more control due to nippiness, in some ways there is less as I give it a bit too much oomph.

Hopefull I’ll get enough practice in the next couple of weeks to get used to them. So look out Mrs Cruett.