$700 Billion Bailout Good for Unicyclists!

Tax breaks for you commuters!!


Do we get half the tax break for half the bike, or should we get twice the break for doing twice the work??

Wow. Talk about a bad idea with a worse implementation.

Do you mean the combination of a lame non-rider joke with what may be the biggest financial blunder in US government history? :stuck_out_tongue:

Except for the lame non-rider joke.

“lame non-rider joke”^^^?
…Not sure what you mean by that.

Yes the bailout was a probably a terrible idea. It seems however that some good is coming from it with some of these tax-breaks.
Bicyclists have been trying for years to get similar tax-breaks for commuting on their bikes that the train/bus commuters have recieved.

The Gov’t will pay you $20 a month to unicycle to work!
Please explain how this is a bad idea?

John is referring to the amount received as a unicyclist compared to the amount received as a bicyclist. The “half of a bike” variation. He was not suggesting that you were lame he was pointing out the genre of the joke.

Any time the gov’t takes money from one group involuntarily and gives it to another it’s a bad idea. The health and savings benefits of cycling should be incentive enough and stand on their own merit.

If I’m reading this right…

Looks like the tax credit is for your employer who reimburses your expenses up to $20/month or $240/year.

So if your employer does not participate, no tax credit.


…but unfortunately for many it’s not:(

I bet at least 25% of those who commute by car could easily do it by bike.

How does the Government recognise those of us that are unicycling to work. How do we get the money.

Are you suggestin this is worse then the great depression? Didn’t the goverment cause that as well?

I personally don’t like that bill and I hope it doesn’t get inacted. I mean that 20 dollars doesn’t simply come out of thin air.