7 video's (eenwiel.nl video competition) please vote

Hey everyone, we are holding a video competition to promote unicycling in the Benelux

Videos get rated on these 4 points:

  • Riding
  • Editing
  • Filming
  • Fun, the video’s gotta have that something that makes you want to look and doesn’t get boring that quickly.

We ask you to vote on all 7 videos, even though the AMOUNT of votes as well as the SCORE will define the winner in the end.

http://eenwiel.nl/index.php?menuid=63&pageid=184 overview with screenshot, title and video URLs
http://eenwiel.nl/index.php?menuid=63&pageid=185 compact overview

Voting ends on the 4th of May!


Progress - Max Haessendonckx

Learning Lines - Dustin Schaap

Reality - Frank Vroemen

Unicycle Video 2 - Berten van Echelpoel

Unicycle Trial - Tim Desmet

Ordinary Madness - Wim Versleegers

Storm - Remi Tys

The goal of this video competition was to stimulate riders to get out there and make a video. Push your riding, making an interesting video and motivating other riders to do the same.

Enjoy and please vote!

Some really cool videos.

So what will the winner get?

Dustin, you made a really, really good video. The riding was great, very creative lines, and incredible editing. I especially liked the part where you pedal grabed the wall, then the wall had video of you gapping something, that was an awesome effect. Only thing was that I don’t really like to see the same song used in more than one video ( I used that in one of mine) but I can’t really blame you cause I guess you didn’t see that video, and the song fit really well in your video.

If Max’s video, Progress had stayed as good as it was at the beginning (loved the editing, and the “feel” of the first minute or so, unitl you changed songs) I would have voted the highest for him.

Thanks for making the comp, it was great to watch all those good videos.

i vote for dustin by far, the editing was good, so was the riding

– bobousse

dustin got my vote

+1 haha

sweet riding and even better editing.


I’ve only watched two so far, but that’s a very nice video dustin, i’m gonna have to try to do a few lines like that, but so far i’ve shied away from lots of lines with rails in…

Reality was my favorite deffenitly, then learning lines was second

Two favourites were Learning Lines and Reality, both showed a good variety of skills and styles and both were very enjoyable to watch. Reality was available as my favourite until I watched the Dustin video which only just beat it, both were great though. :sunglasses:

I couldn’t have said it better:D:D:D:D

Usually, I don’t like the “+1-postings” but that was the perfect summary of my thoughts about the videos. So there is nothing more to say then: +1 :smiley:

I’ve had that happen to me several times too :frowning:

Now if the screen doesn’t immediately change, I select all and copy. As long as I do that, I don’t have any problems. It’s saved me from serious frustration at least twice:o :sunglasses:

Dustin’s Learning Lines was definintely the best for me. Excellent editing !!! and some great skills. The video flowed really nicely, was a pleasure to watch, and kept me interested the entire way through.

Hey guys, thanks for all the positive comments! A total of 965 votes have been placed at this moment, more than 100 votes for each video! I’m really pleased with the results already, but how great would it be to have 200 votes on each video! Voting is still open for another week and closes at 12 o’clock next sunday.

If you havn’t voted yet, please do!

Sam, it’s the first time we’re holding a competition like this and the budget is low, so all the winner gets atm is an eenwiel.nl t-shirt. If the competition is a succes there will be a bigger prize next time. I’m the organiser of the competition so I won’t be running for the prize, if I win the second guy gets the t-shirt. I’ve really enjoyed making this video and I’m already shooting for the next one :sunglasses: