7 or 8 foot drop

hey everybody it may not seem like much to some of you professional dudes, but i did my first 7 foot drop yesturday!!! i did not land it but i am going to try it again until i do.

p.s, i almost landed it, but i bent a peddle and tried to ride away and fell off and bashed my shoulder. oh and i know this may offend some people but i’m going to say it anyway, after i did the drop i got flashed by a pretty hot girl too.

heh heh…aaaaaaaalright.

if thats not motivation enough to destroy your body (and unicycle) then i dont know what is.


yup, i completly agree.

i dont think ive ever heard of better usage of the quagmire quote in all my life! props, c.critch

Talk about one of the dopest days of your life, Uni and boobies talk about the sweetest thing, Its a match made in heaven.

do you got video… of the girl

:slight_smile: Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

Congratulations on the drop, good luck next time.


dear diary…JACKPOT

nice :smiley:

i bow my head in honor

Awesome. That kind of luck doesn’t last long. Next time you’ll have to pay a buck forty or a cheeseburger.

dude…did you just get flashed or was she just happy to see you. you know thats a modivation of a different kind because boobs off a hot girl…well…they speak for themselves. goodluck with the drop


sorry, no video of the girl:( and I know her, she is hot and has nice boobs obviously. she is also really nice and awesome. she showed them to me so I would get stoked for the drop and just go for it. I do have a video of the drop but I will not post it, I would prefer to post the one of me landing it, which will be the second time I try it(I hope.)

oh, and does anyone have any pointers on landing big drops?

nope, you are wrong, I know the girl and she said she would do it again when I do the drop again, and if i land it too…:wink: haha