7 foot 4 rolling hop/monkey kick.

Short vid.
Please rate it really well.
worked hard on this, 26.80 seconds long.
Linkage- http://youtube.com/watch?v=Q35ob2_-wWU

nice, and its called a donkey kick, not a monekey kick :wink:

the rolling hop was epic!

Good work!

Not if you start from hopping on wheel. I don’t think I have heard the name monkey kick before though.

Yeah, different trick. Pretty cool name too I think.

it called a monkey kick i think it was named by arthur caron? he landed it first i think

yes , it’s a monkey kick , arthur was the first to land it , so he called it monkey kick.

Ya i saw it in Adrien Delecroix’s movie, so i decided to try it.