7. Dresdner Einradtag am Sa. 25.9.2010 in Radebeul mit Rennen, Downhill, Trial


we make at the 25. sebtember 2010 the 7. Unicycleday in Radebeul is near Dresden, with downhill, races and Trail

the german homepage is http://www.einradtag.de

Dresden is near the Polnisch Boarder.

thanks, but I will not have to walk to school :frowning:

Ciekawa opcja na zakończenie wakacji :slight_smile: Wybiera się ktoś od nas?

Would be cool if the competition became international :slight_smile:

I agree. only asked if anybody (from PL) goin to come there :slight_smile:

yeah, i used google to translate it :smiley:

Oh, cool :slight_smile: I thought it was irony with this ‘international’ thing, because of me talking in polish language :stuck_out_tongue:

I never use irony… :smiley:

last year wars, lot of People vom Cz und Sk in Radebeul,
i dont know some Unicyclist from Poland.

I had see only some one by CZ - Competion and to the unicon.

to The juggling Convention to begin every year come lot of people every year from Poland to us.

I agree irony is pretty bad material for the uni frames :wink:

As for the competition would be nice to get there… we’ll see how the transport and time will go… not enough things are sure now in my life to decide.

wau it is a long way, you can sleep by me,
and you became free entry to the competition

You are a lucky Boy, steffen is going with car
from Poprad (SK),Krakau (PL),Kattowitz (PL),Breslau (PL),Dresden
Fr., 24.09.10 Uhrzeit10.00 Uhr (ab Poprad (SK))
Volkswagen Sharan
Steffen Wagner, Telefon+421915077015, Telefon 2015205739018, stwak@web.de
back So. 26. 15.30 Uhr

and A bus not so good is going http://www.touring.de/

Hinfahrt(en): Zeit - Ort Verkehrstage
Freitag, 24. September 2010 Abfahrt: 14:20 ab KRAKOW / KRAKAU
sa. 25.9. Ankunft: 00:40 an DRESDEN Ankunft nächster Tag
Rückfahrt(en): B101 Zeit - Ort Verkehrstage
26.9. Abfahrt: 23:55 ab DRESDEN
27.9. Ankunft: 09:45 an KRAKOW / KRAKAU Ankunft nächster Tag

Damn… it seems I have other party at that days…

unicycle 20 Zoll Profi from QU-AX to avard

we became from QU-AX one unicycle for the Competitor.

we are rafte under all Competitor.

in Radebeul is a wine streat festival at same time,
there can make hat money with juggling, unicycling or fire.