$67 Sun 28

Just a few lines re the 28" Sun Uni on sale at Unicycle.com for $67. They might be helpful.

I just wanted to try a “big wheel” short of a Coker.

I had tried a Yuni 29 and loved it, but wanted to ride for a while before spending the mid-bucks.

So, I bought the Sun 28. Put a KH seat on it, altho the Sun seat looked just fine.

I’ve had it for about 3 months now.

I’ve been happy with it. Good ride. Nice looking. Can’t believe they sell it for $67.

The pedals started sounding crunchy about two months in and I replaced them. Not absolutely necessary, but I thought that preventative maint was better then having a break in mid-ride.

Other than that, it’s been a very good and enjoyable ride. It convinced me that I want a Big Apple 29, but in the meantime, the Sun has been just fine.

Santa Monica

You were wise to change seats for I tried a 10 mile ride on the stock seat and it was horrible. Since then I have done the same ride twice with a KH and was much more comfortable. I also replaced the cheap plastic pedals with Wellgos, and the pins make my feet stick better. I only have the Sun for days I can’t get to the trails and for physical training, but it is working okay for me too…