okay, so hopefully i should be getting my 661 knee and shin pads.
so everyone here please tell me what kind of pain they have saved you from and what they have gone through

you made a good choice i just got mine a few days ago and they have saved the back of my leg from being scrached about 3 times aswell they have saved the front of my leg from meany a rock. i was riding down a steep slope of pure jagged rock and i fell I was also wearing a 661 bomber jacket so i was left virtualy un harmed (ha, take that nature) any who in the end they will give you more confidice

I just used my 661’s for the first time yesterday and I did like them vs. my old volleyball knee pads I was using but have a few complaints. The first being that they get pretty damn hot and you sweet muchos grandes from wearing them, but that’s kinda a given since they are black and don’t have much ventilation. The other problem I have is that my legs are too dang long. 661’s are the longest ones I could find but it still isn’t long enough. So after a couple minutes of riding they start to slide down my leg, slowly unprotecting my knee. Although they do eventually stop sliding down, my knee is more exposed than I’d like and it’s uncomfortable but not much I can do. Or is there? Any suggestions?

I like my 661s. they’ve saved me from various shin bruises, knee scrapes, and pedal bites… they’re kinda coming apart now though.

The heat is something I just got used to. I hardly notice it now that I’ve used them for a year.

What size did you get? If you’ve already got the largest (read: longest) could you try high-top shoes that come up past your ankles? That might hold the pads in place.

Yes, I got the longest they make them in. The high-top shoes might be a solution…hmmmm. Thanks for the advice.

I fell with all my weight on my 661 padded shins the other day, on a (realativly) sharp edge, and got bruised THROUGH my 661s. :astonished: THink how it woulda been without them. :astonished: :astonished:

THere pretty good. They get warm, but they give you more…confidence doing hard stuff.

Just wait till you try neoprene leg armour like my azonics. Can you say unicycling with your legs in a wetsuit :slight_smile:

Sweat is a bit annoying bit it is a small price to pay for saving your legs from bloody gashes requiring medical attention.

Before I got my leg armour I used to draw blood very frequently and got some nasty shin and calf gashes. I have seen people with serious gash wounds from not using leg armour (ie large numbers of stitches and several month heal times with big permanent scars). Unicycle rides that end up with people carted off in an ambulance suck.

I’ll take sweat over pain and scarring any day :slight_smile:

meh, they’ve just saved me from a few pedal bites. but mine are also very new as well as my new sharp pedal pins. however i’ve never actually experienced a pedal bite and am just fine with that. that is why i got them right?!

what’s a pedal bite?

I had been really happy with my 661’s until recently. Pedal smacks in the shins and falls that occured were protected nicely.

I was out riding Muni, riding over smalls rocks, when I took a superman style fall. My knee protected 661’s hit the ground, the 661’s stopped, and my knee kept going, sliding out of the top of the pads, only to stop after hitting a rock. Granted, the 661 took most of the abuse, but I’m not happy that I got the cut on my knee. The cause being that the 661’s didn’t slide at all on the ground because of the nylon fabric covering.

My Harbinger wrist wraps with the plastic insert worked wonderfully and slid across the ground instead of stopping abruptly.

I have since ordered, and received a pair of Roach Rally FR pads, and while I was at it, I got the same thing in elbow pads. They have the hard plastic knee and shin protector on the outside that should slide better when making contact with the ground.

Re: 661’s!!!

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 22:04:24 -0500, “happy_4_u” wrote:

>what’s a pedal bite?

Just like a snake bite, only it is the pedal biting.

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