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what do people think of these leg guards

They’re good, i’ve got them and love them. They stop pedals slicing your legs open, and don’t melt your legs. I wear them every day and under my school uniform too:D they’re good:D

i like the fact that you can wear them, and forget about them. they stay in place, and you can wear them all day. only downside is that they don’t have a rigid insert in front of your shin. heavy impacts can still beat you up pretty good. there are several similar designs on the market that have a hard plastic removable insert in front of the shin that adds more protection w/o noticeable weight or changing the feel. overall, theyre killer, and the padding on the front is ok.

Dont like them. I found them to be too thin, and they move more than other shin pads i’ve had.


I really like these:

not to hot, ankle guards, they stay in place, pretty big coverage area… great deal at that price, no calf protection, but thats why they are nice and cool.

I like them. They are quite comfortable and I often wear them long after unicycling because I forget I’m wearing them.

1-wheeled-grape summed it up pretty good - they’ll prevent pedal bites, but not those rough impacts.

I’d recommend them for trials riding, but you may want something a little more protective for MUni or technical street.

EDIT: as far as moving around, sometimes they’ll twist, but the sides and back are only slightly less padded than the front.