661 veggie wrap shin guards

Are the 661 veggie wrap shin guards any good, and how much do they cost. Their website says they are thirty five but the stores always sell them at different prices. And if there is another thread on this already just tell me because I searched and couldn’t find one.

I have some and I like them. I paid around $40 some dollers for my but the place I bought them from over prices everything

If you are riding with plastics and don’t hit your shin to hard they are good. My friend uses them and says that they are lighter. If you have metal pedals or are doing trials I would get Lizard Skins they are only $30 and work really well.

sixsixone 4x4, you can get them brand new on ebay for 40$ (shipping free)
Or from the 661 internet site for 40$ plus the 10~ for shipping.
I have them and they werk. It just takes some adjusting to.

get 661 4x4 for 7$ cheaper and they are much more protective. good deal here:

yes! i love 661! :slight_smile:

Me and my brother just ordered some from www.greenfishsports.com for 10 bucks a pop:D.

I already have some knee/shin guards that only cover the front of my leg and I’m taking some nasty damage to my calf. I can’t tell from the picture of the Six Six One Veggie Shin Guards, do they cover the back of the leg as well? If so, thanks for the sweet link to greenfishsports!

the Veggie Wraps cover all but 1 cm. sections in between the straps but that’s neccesary for proper flexibility. I have not had a chance to try them on yet becaus they are supposed to be a Christmas present.:frowning:

What would be something that covers the whole calf? I see Kris Holm and those guys wearing stuff like that.

Lizzard skins makes ones like that (Clicky), but you would probably be fine with the veggie wraps.

well, the 4x4 cover the whole front and back of your legs. They really are great pads, and they’re fairly breathable, at least more than I imagine neoprene would be.