661 sponsorship?

how do i get one?

1.fill out the forum on there website
2.send them a letter

last time I checked they weren’t accepting any more until 07. The 07 stuff starts in september

Yeah, no more sponsorships till 2007. Starts in sept. I have a partial sponsorship from 661 now. 40% off :smiley:

Unicycling has sponserships? Not to sound rude, but that is awesome! So, I’m assuming there is a pro circle. Does it work much like skateboarding or BMX? I’m just curious…

Well, there are some sponsorships with unicycling companies like Kris Holm Unicycles, Koxx One and Bedford Unicycles. But, since there aren’t too many of us you can usually find other companies that are willing to sponsor you. 661 is an example. They make shoes and pads, not unicycles. But unicyclists need shoes and pads! Eroick also needs some clipless shoes, which he can get for cheap at 40% off. :smiley: :sunglasses:

So yeah, sponsorships in unicycling usually come from non-unicycling companies. It just takes a little effort.

my friend got one and he sucks. still betetr than me though. all he did was fill out the form and they said they said yes. he didnt send in any letters or put in any effort at all

Yeah, thats what I did :stuck_out_tongue: .

MOST sponsorships require effort :stuck_out_tongue: .

and also they charge more for shin guards than UDC does, and i live in the same state as sixsixone and they wanted a rediculous ammount for shipping, so after all that and the discount, its pretty much the same price

Easyest. Sponsorship. Ever.

no effort involved whatsoever.

it’s all online and automated, i think.

Ha, I live in the same city as sixsixone. I ordered stuff with my discount on the phone today and tomorrow I get to just drive 10 minute and pick it up!

Very true, if my cat knew how to type and filled out the application they would sponcor him too.

i could of done that, im not too far away. but i dont drive and noone wanted to take me

You’re lucky you’re in the US. I tried getting a sponsorship from 661, wrote the US guys who’re interested but told me to write my local distributors first. One tried to be polite by telling me that unicycling is a unique sport and only serious sportsmen like <insert list of bmxers> get sponsored. Still, because of the referral from 661 USA, I’m offered a 10% off which is about what I can get from stores ANYWAY.

The other distributor likewise offered just a discount and perhaps a commission on every guard I get to sell. It’s been 2 weeks and they haven’t replied to my question of how much discount I’m getting as yet but I’m guessing 15%? 20% Max?

It sucks but extreme sports here get no respect. Unless you’re a foreigner.

Lame. you should hit someone