661 sponsorship?

When you sign up for sponsorship on the 661 website do you just say your a bicylclist ??? or do you send them a email to there “contact us” email>???

Just say you are a professional scallywagger, they will give you 40% off of their stuff. You dont have to do anything special, everyone’s a winner.

Its not a sponsorship, its a marketing gimmick, and it cuts out the struggling middlemen(shop owners). Support your local UDC or even better your local walk in shop.

There stuff is not the great, IMO, anyway… I have never had more products rip, and unstitch, than theirs.

100% true…

Yeah, My veggies are dieing too, Its annoying.

Thats why i ride KH and Fox :wink:

Yeah, just do bicyclist and tell em that you ride a uni. It shouldnt be too hard haha.

well, on the whole part of the stitches ripping out and such, i love their gloves and padding. I mean, it does wear out easily, but its comfortable. Plus, it doesnt wear out and unstich if you know what to buy. (anything with terry cloth is peer garbage i’m sure). The reason my gloves rip out and stuff is because i move a lot of pallets and they get hooked on stuff.

I think a lot of 661’s stuff is great. I have one of their older helmets, and i love it. Its the most comfortable helmet i own.

I personally like the 661 stuff, I’m sponsored now, but I wouldn’t use there stuff if it didn’t work for me. I think the problem, if any, with the 4x4 shin/knee guards is that they really aren’t designed to take a repeated pedal thrashing, more just for the types of impacts one would expect falling off a DH rig. If you’re bashing your shins/calves enough to tear the fabric clearly you need something more like this. You know more of a “plastic” shin guard. For riding Muni and stuff my 4x4 Knee/Shin guards lasted a long time, almost 3 years; it wasn’t until I started doing trials that I really tore them up! :slight_smile: As for the other gear, I really like their Dirt Lid. I have some of their older shoes that I really like but it looks like they only make the SPD compatable shoes now :frowning: I wish they’d make a glove/wrist-guard combo like the Kris Holm Pulse Glove, those IMO are pretty awesome.


No, you are market gimmik’d

Do they do anything for you besides use you as a billboard?


That’s not half bad…

Yes, in about 7 seconds.

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I personally like the 661 stuff, I’m sponsored now…
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Its not a sponsorship, its a marketing gimmick

AgentQ I think you have me all wrong. Perhaps my earlier post was not phrased well. I’ve only RECENTLY been sponsored by 661, i.e. just in the last month. For the 3 1/2 years BEFORE that I’ve worn 661 stuff because it was recommended on this forum and you know what I liked it a lot. Unlike some people I wouldn’t “push” the product if it personally didn’t work for me; now that would be selling out. I just read on the forum how several riders got sponsored (really just a 50% discount) so I thought why not? I’m very visible where I ride since there are NO other unicyclists around here and I aim to compete in some longer endurance races so why not? Oh and BTW I still make good use of my LBS for my other needs; they’re not in the business of selling protective gear anyhow. So thats where I’m coming from, I’m not a huckster, I’m stating my opinion about this product and would still state it even if I wasn’t sponsored. Cheers.

Oopps too late to edit but:
For the record this isn’t my “first” sponsorship. I’m mainly an ultra marathon runner, have been so for almost 14 years. I first ran in Montrail shoes for years before the company picked me up, the same later on with INOV-8 and now more recently by our local FleetFeet running store and now with WasatchSpeedGoat. In ALL cases it was use the product first for a period of time, w/o any question about being sponsored or pursuing sponsorship. Its about using a product that works for you and telling other people about it. Marketing gimmick, billboard? It doesn’t make in a difference you see? If the product works for you and you like it why not tell other people about it? If the product is crap and you still try to push it on other people (and you barely use it yourself) then that is crap. Ok I’ll get off my soap box now. It’s not my intention to offend anyone. Happy riding :slight_smile: