661 sizes

How do I figure out what size 661s i ware?

The sizes are based on your thigh and ankle measurements.

Measure around the top of your leg (ie thigh)
Measure around the bottom of your leg (ie ankle)

Then choose the one that sounds like the best fit from below:

Large (46cm top 23cm bottom)
Medium (41cm top 23cm bottom)
Small (38cm top, 20cm bottom)

Alternatively, try borrowing a friend’s to see if they fit (or see if a local bike shop has some you can try on).

What about heightwise? Shouldn’t there be a measurement from your knee to ankle or something?

There should be because the height is more important than the girth (unless you have fat or large legs then the girth is important). Height is important because if they’re not long enough they’ll slide down your leg as you ride, and worse they’ll slide down your leg when you crash and need them most.

If in doubt, go for a larger size to get the extra length.


maybe this is helpful …



i have ridiculously skinny legs, but am reasonably sized (5’10"+) and mediums work ok for me. you have to crank down the straps, but the length is ok, they actually fit better when i’m wearing something underneath(winter riding).
i think the length is neutal enough that it can go either way, and fit a wide range of people…

Re: 661 sizes

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I’m trying to figure out what size fits me…

Is measurement E from the middle of you kneecap to the top of your ankle? I’m not exactly sure where to measure from.

Any advice is appreciated greatly

since unicycle.com doesn’t have mediums any more i’m ordering them from somewhere else.
does anyone know what the measurements are for medium? i need to know tonight.


Municycle.com has the measurements listed: 661 4x4 measurements

Measurement E would be the one for length. Measure from the middle or top of the kneecap down to the top of your shoe. The bottom inch or so of the armour is just floppy fabric so if the armour is slightly too long the bottom inch or so will bunch up and be no bother.

The 2006 4x4 armour had a redesign. I don’t know if any of the measurements are different for the 2006 versions. The 2006 versions have more ventilation and some other updates. They now have an XL size.

What size?

Unfortunately, 661 doesn’t make pads in various lengths. The measurements are for the width for the top and bottom diameters only.
As long as the length fits to the top of your knee you can find a pad to fit you.
But like my pads they end to close to the top of my knee cap. A UPD with a slide to your knees and your knees are ready for the grill. :astonished:


They do. The Large is longer than the Medium. The Medium is longer than the Small (but only by 1 cm). I’m going to assume that the new XL size is going to be longer than the Large.

The sizing guidelines from 661 mention the top and bottom diameters. Shows how much they know about fitting their own pads. :slight_smile:
I consider the length to be the most important measurement because if they are too short they’ll just slide down your leg during a crash and expose your knee to some ground rash damage. The top and bottom diameter should be fine unless you have unusually large or skinny legs.

Any idea how the new 2006 sizes relate to the previous year’s sizes, John?

well according to this ABCDEF picture I am a totally mishapen alien, none of my sizes are in any of the ranges, either too small or too big

Ive got quite long thin legs, I ordered large at einradladen.net, I hope theyll fit

No idea, but I’ll bet Municycle.com has a diagram up for the sizing once they get the 2006 armor.