661 size?

i just got 661s today for my birthday, but im not sjure theyre big enough.when i have them on they go from about 2 inches above my ankle and when im kneeling on the groung they are almost flat on the ground, just barely curving up to my knee. is this how they are supposed to be?, also im about 5’10" and i have mediums.

I’m about 5’9-10" as well and have the mediums, they seem perfect to me. As long as they are covering what needs protecting they should be fine.

I’m about 5’10 1/2" and have LARGE 661s; knee/shin and arm guards. Medium is too small for you. I hope you can exchange them. Good luck.:slight_smile:

You should have large. Apparently 661’s are designed for pygmies. I have the large and they fit poorly. They should cover the ankle and completely cover the knee. After a few years maybe they will realize that their products are too small.

so i should exchange them? that really sucks!! i want to ride wit them right now. :angry:

Yep. My brother is 5" 9 and he wears large.

You should be able to sell them on unicyclist.com though. If they are brand new then no problems.


yeah i just checked the companies website they came from, and it says i can return tehm unused within 30 days, so ill do that. this still sucks.

It is good armor and it would be nice to have it cover as much as possible. I have on many occassions said, “thank you, 661’s” as I hit the ground.