661 shoes.

I was wondering, which of the 661 shoes does everyojne on here like more out of the 4? I was thinking of the last pair. I would be using them for muniing and street/trials and normal everyday wear.

I like the hammer shoes but i have never tried them I just like the look. i like my etnies the best though

Dually taki

I like the launch taki the most from looks and reading abotu it. has anyoen tried them?

id have to say the REFLEX … awesomness!

I have last years Dually’s. Maybe even the year before, I can’t remember. They were amazing for every type of unicycling that I like (only decent for freestyle). They lasted a really long time too.

the dually’s are high top or 3/4 top and have a protective plastic cup around your ankle bones. i can’t believe i ever road without them, also they’re really grippy.

I wear some Salomon shoes I got at REI. they are great becuase they have kevlar laces and they get tucked into a pouch so the laces don;t get caught on the spokes, etc

I didnt even look atthe list but i vote the Duallys…I rode them for a bit earlier this year and liked them alot…great for Trials but i never got yto use em for Muni.

Duallys are the best!

You cant beat the durability of the shoe, and the fact it is built with ankle cups inside the shoe that protect your ankle extremely well.

Or you can buy some 661 ankle biters and put those in your shoes, but the dually is a better shoe design overall.

How is 661’s new Taki sole? Anyone tried it yet? Is it grippy even when wet or dusty or muddy? Is it durable enough not to get chewed up by the pedal pins?

I have the old Dually shoes with a different sole. I like them. Just not sure about the new Taki version.

cough why would you want 661 shoes cough

tell me if you like them once you get them

I didn’t actually get some. I think I’ll get a pair when I wear out the ones I have.


i have etnies and they helped get a little farther with my wheel walk and i learned 180 unispin the night i got them so i guess they are good luck. They are orange and green:p i love them

THe hammer shoes deffinately look the best. I have never tried any of these shoes, i wear North Face light hiking shoes, they have great grip and are gor-tex

have any of you ever tried Salomon shoes?

they are great quality and have cool features

the Dually takis I just ordered a pair

I have the dually takis. I like the grippiness, ankle protection, durability. I don’t like the lack of an athletic fit, they are more like a skate shoe. Smartfeet foot beds have made a big improvement. So far they have held up well to the pins in the pedals and been an overall good shoe for muni and trials.

I’d have to say DON’T GET THE LAUNCH TAKIS for unicycling, I had a pair and although they were great for riding, they fell to pieces within a couple of months. Unicyclistjoe also had a similar experience with a pair of them.

They are all I ever use because of that exact same reason. In fact, I’m on to my fifth pair. For high speed/high rev riding, the last thing you want is for your laces to snag on the axle. And tucking in laces is no guarantee they wont work loose.

I initially preferred the Raid series (yellow ones), then got the cheaper XA series (which flex too much). So I’m back on to the Raid series, but they’ve made the sole tread thicker, which gives slightly less grip. So best if you can still get the older models if they are available.