661 shin/knee guards help

Ok I have been searching for some shin guards for a while and have pretty much settled on the 661 4x4s but I can’t seem to find any in size XL.

My calves are about 18" round and at 3" above my knee my thigh is about 21" round. Should the large fit me or is there somewhere I can buy them in XL?

I have the 661 4x4 shin guards and I have to say they run larger than the sizing chart for sure. I found the most important measurement is the length. That is the measurement from the middle of your knee cap to the top of your foot. I am 6’1" and 220 pounds. I have the large and there is a lot of room around the knee and ankle. There is a lot of adjustment to them as well.

Hope that helps you. BTW pricepoint.com has them for $24.98 a pair.

Ok so if I’m 5’6" do you think I should get the medium? Or risk it and go with the large?

What is the measurement from the center of your knee cap to the top of your foot?

about 16"

I would give the large a try. I think that will be just right.

I’ll order them first thing tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

Anytime. Glad I could help. I really like mine. They are comfortable and do wonders for your shins.

I am 5’7" and I would recommend the medium size 661’s. Large will probably work, but you may have to modify the straps so they will get tight enough.

also, PricePoint.com has the cheapest price I have found on 661 4x4’s. They go for 24.99 I think.