661 Rubbing

I got some small 661s for Muni, but it seems like the top knee section always rubs on my tire when I ride. Any ideas?

After a while you won’t notice it, for at least 3 reasons:

  1. Your legs will automatically adapt and move out,

  2. Your pads will conform better to your legs and stick out less,


  1. Your body will realize that it is irrelevant and ignore it.

Good luck with your new venture, Tyler!

I think that they are bigger on the outside. When I have worn mine on the wrong legs they have rubbed the tire. So are you wearing them with the “sixsixone” writing on the outside? (you should be)

Yep, I was wearing them with the logo on the outside.

The plastic in the 661 armour is flat and not curved. Since it is flat it wants to stick out instead of wrapping around your knee.

The plastic starts out flat like -
You want to force it into a U or even a circular shape
Force the knee part into a U shape and tie it with string or a belt or something to keep it that way overnight or so
That will get it to wrap around your knee more naturally
It won’t stay like that so you’ll have to repeat

Generally before a ride I will manually mold the knee area into a U shape and hold it like that briefly