661 Rhythm Shin Guards

Has anyone tried these?


Now that the 4x4s have been discontinued and the rampages are really expensive.

Based on appearance I don’t think I’d even consider wearing these in the summer. It also looks like any back of the calf protection would be no more than wearing a pair of pants. Still curious.

These are ok. Nothing heavy duty though. Rampages really need more straps to stop them sliding down. Rhythm shins won’t save a calf from your pedals, not many pads will I thinkspecially on limited budgets. The elbow version I like is something better than nothing and you forget they are even on. Check out chainreaction dot com probably cheapest for 661 pads and anything not uni specific we need!
If you cruise about in jeans or do xc these are fine, anything more then you may need to splash out to save a potential knee injury. Should minimalise a hit to the shin. Once the bleeding stops though just keep uniing. Fun outweighs the pain and unless you break a bone you’ll be fine to continue on!
Head hands elbows and knees we need to take great care of
Hope you find one you like

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