661 Pressure Suit

Is that paranoia?

A buddy’s muni caused arm fracture in austin last sunday has inspired me to get arm protection or elbow pads at the very least for rocky muni rides. i came across this at pricepoint.com

Does anyone have one? I imagine it’s too hot even in a texas winter.

So, are you planning on swordfighting on your uni?
That armour looks really cool, but I don’t know if unicyclists would actually need that much protection, since we don’t get the high speeds or height of bikers.
That would be great for a Halloween costume, though.

no way. All you need is shin guards gloves and a helmet. I always thought it would be good to buy some arm guards but have never had a problem with it. THat suit might give you more currage but I wouldn’t want to spend the money on currage, just go see the Wizard.


For arm protection I would just go with something like 661 2x4’s or roach DH arms. Something like This might be better for those of you who prefer to avoid heat. they are also pretty cheap.

yea, there are alot of options. the problem with online catalog purchases is that i’d like to try them on to see how they feel.

i was at a local sports super store today looking at my options. i saw some lacross arm pads that felt nice. but they were pricey. i ended up buying skateboard style elbow pads on sale for $10.

After collapsing a lung, I think some kind of chest armor is a good idea for certain people (tall and skinny) on certain terrain (like icy stairs), though this looks a bit extreme. 661 makes some less medieval armor that looks more appropriate for muni.