661 Leg armor

I want to get some 661’s and I’m not sure what size to order… My leg is like 15" at the top and 8 or 9" at the bottom and I’m 5’ 3", Ben Plotkin-Swing told me to get at least a medium because i want to make sure they cover all of my knee. so what size should i get?

The important measurement is from your ankle to the bottom of your kneecap. The way 661 gives their sizes based on the diameter of your leg and calf is not the best way to size them. Measure from your ankle to the bottom of your kneecap and compare that to the length of the shin section of the 661/Roach/KH pads.

So what you’re saying is like if the KH leg armor medium size is 5’ 3" to 5’ 9" or whatever then order a medium in 661?

I had the same uncertainty regarding 661 4x4s so I got my hands on all three sizes. Any difference in length is negligible, but the diameter is important. I’m not much more than 5’ with 29” inseam but I chose the medium in the end. I could have got by with the large too. My advice is not to worry about your height – go ahead and measure the girth of your calf and thigh, then choose the size that will be plenty big enough. They are hot, you will sweat, and to wear them loose is far more comfortable than tight.
Incidentally, I thoroughly recommend this product. Leg armour was way down my list of upgrades until the morning after a wee mishap. I’ve always used quite aggressively pinned pedals and I can now attest that you don’t have to be doing anything spectacular to seriously gore your shins.

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If you are unsure of the size why don’t you go and try one on at your local bike shop?

All of my LBS’s either don’t have leg armor…or the only have like lizard skins.
That cost $60

I’m 5’9" with a 30" inseam and weigh 180 pounds. I wear a large in the 661 4x4’s and they fit quite well. Being as you’re in the USA, check out www.jensonusa.com. They have the 4x4 leg armor for $20 and the 4x4 forearm/elbow armor (large for me) for $17. I bought both and had them shipped to Texas for a total cost of $43

I’m more concerned with the length because I want the armour to be long enough to reach to my ankle near the top of my shoe. This way the armour won’t slide down my leg as far in the event of a crash. If the armour is too short the armour can slide dow your leg and expose the top of your knee during a crash. If the armour hits the top of your shoe it cannot slide down any further and will keep your knee covered.

The fabric armour like the Roach/KH/661 will tend to stick on the ground during a crash where you land on your knees. Fabric doesn’t slide on dirt or pavement very well. It has a tendency to stick on the dirt rather than slide. Since the armour doesn’t slide on the ground it pulls the armour down during a crash. I like my armour long enough so it can’t slide down too far. That’s why I consider length to be the most important measurement.

Armour and knee pads with a hard plastic outer shell are more likely to slide on the dirt or pavement. They’re not as likely to move down your leg during a crash. Roller blade and skate knee pads have a hard plastic shell over the knee because the plastic slides on pavement. If they used a fabric outer shell the pads would stick to the pavement and slide off the knee during a crash.

I’ve heard good things about the 661 leg armor and so am shopping for a pair, but I don’t know if they make a size that would fit me.

My thigh right above the knee is 22 inches, ankle is 11 inches, so I’m significantly greater in diameter than a 661 large is supposed to fit (19 & 9 inches, respectively). Those are tape-pulled-tight measurements, and my thighs will probably get bigger if I keep excercising them, so 22 inches is a minimum. (When I was sprinting that part of my thigh was probably 23 or 24 inches.)

My foot-to-knee distance is 11.5 inches, which, according to my framebuilder corresponds to someone about 5 feet tall, so according to John I should get a 661 small.

Any advice on what I could wear for leg armor? I’m tempted to just use dip-grip but I think it might look weird at the pool.

Sorry to change the subject a bit. I was browsing the site Kenny suggested and I chanced on these: http://www.jensonusa.com./store/product.aspx?i=PG707B10

I was wondering if anyone has tried them. I don’t do much MUni and the weather here is constantly hot and humid so I’d rather have only shin protection rather then shin/knee.

Right now I just use soccer shin guards. They are pretty good because they have ankle protection, but I think it’s time to move on to something better.


Neoprene pads don’t breathe at all. Your legs will be drenched under the Neoprene. For a humid area Neoprene is probably the worse choice. I tried some Neoprene pads here in Washington state where it is never humid and I couldn’t stand them. Too hot and sweaty even for Washington state.

The 661/Roach/KH pads are not that hot (especially compared to Neoprene) and the 661/Roach/KH pads breathe well enough that your legs won’t be completely drenched.

Thanks JC. I guess I won’t be getting those. Does 661, KH, or Roach make any shin guards with out knee pads?


well, my parents are planning on buying me some leg armor (yay!)
I figure i’m gonna need large (i’m 6’2) but to make sure, what part of my ankle do i measure from for the bottom-of-knee to ankle measurement?

Re: 661 Leg armor

daino149 <daino149@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> Thanks JC. I guess I won’t be getting those. Does 661, KH, or Roach
> make any shin guards with out knee pads?

As far as I know 661 makes a soft shin only guard, but none of those
companies offer a shin only guard with reinforcement. My Lizard Skins
shin guard [http://www.lizardskins.com/products/protectshin.html] is
made of perforated neoprene with a hard insert for serious front
protection, and it fits under my jeans for those times when i want to
be inconspicuous. Like it’s possible to be inconspicuous riding MUni!
Anyway, maybe that’s what you’re after.


Are 661’s washable I have some and they are getting a little sweaty so are the washable? what temp to use ect?

Yes, Please wash them.
I put them in the tub with warm water and use liquid dish soap. Then rinse them in the tub with clean water. Then hang up to dry.

Roach used to make a shin pad that was basically their leg armour without the knee protection. It’s no longer in their current product list. There are still some shops that have them in stock. But once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Webcyclery still has them. Roach shin guards

Core Rat also makes a shin guard and they have an optional fabric calf wrap that covers the back of the calf to protect your calf from pedal scrapes.

Calf protection is important for me. One reason I like the Roach/661/KH pads is because of the calf protection. I’ve got scars on the back of my calves from when I’ve ridden without it.

good price i think i might get some as i some times find the full 661 4x4’s a little constricting.and what a steal at this price
look at the other shin stuff also in body armour

Soccer shin guards suck!

Please dont use soccer shin guards there one tenth as effective as real stuff. Especially the kinds without protection in the back those are asking for trouble (in my opinion). Dont wait for massive gashes to covince you to buy real pads buy them now!

so, if i live in a dorm, with no bathtubs, can i wash them (armor, gloves) in a washing machine? they smell soooooooo bad.