661 is handing out sponsor ships

i went to the site 661 and there handing out racing sponsorships ( i know unicycling isnt a racing sport) and i was thinking i would tell some people because they might like a unicyclist on there team since its the new fad:D

( nick stay out of this )


justpkrwin ( the pkr and w are silent) :sunglasses:

Uni/Muni is not a “fad” and “fad” is actually spelt Phad.

Yes, it is, many people race uni cross country, muni and several forms of commuter/ freestyle races.

I dont think theyre giving away sponsorships to the average shmoe you probably have to have some skill(which rules you out justin) to get anything from them.



takes one to know one.

obviously if you knew anything about sponsorship , you have to send in a video and unicycling isnt really that big of racing sport because racing is supposed to be an adrenalin sport were you go really fast.

So in conclusion, i can ride a unicycle. i do have skill and you probably do but that rules you out any way because not alot of people want to sponsor a queer

Auctally, i think i rode with justin a while ago, and he’s not that bad a muni or racing. Don’t let this get into another thing like it was with nick.

Anyway, thanks for the message justin.

Justin check your pirvate messages



yeah,check yours too.

Catboy, u sound like bitter

all i gota say is u sound bitter Catboy, well i have a better words but i doubt that the moderators woudl like that, and id probably offend a few people. :wink: why u so act like an ass*&(e to that justin guy? looks to me hes just tryin to do somthing nice.