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I have read all the discussions and tests on shoes and I think I am about to make the plunge for a pair of Duallys. I thought I would get some advice from those that have them as to how the sizes run. They only come in full US sizes, and I wear an 11.5 in most athletic shoes, 11 in a few. Do the Duallys tend to run large or small? I have read that they really loosen up after break-in. Any help is appreciated. I suppose those with the newer 661, not AXO version would be the best guide.


I have a set of 12s for winter and a set of 11s for now. The 12s will tolerate thicker socks and I put neoprene insoles in them. I’ve been wearing the 11s all summer and they have broken in quite a bit. But they fit well when I started with them and they still fit well. I originally bought 12s as winter was approaching and they worked fine also in the summer; finally I bought a set of 11s and removed the insole for a better fit for wheel-walking. The 11s still fit fine with an Active Ankle installed, although the free ends of the laces are quite a bit shorter.

I know we can’t compare feet (shhhyeew) but the reasoning here is:

  1. For Muni, fit is not as important as for freestyle things like wheel-walking and standing on crown. It is far better, for MUni, to be a little too large than too small because your feet bear a lot of force but don’t require a lot of finesse.

  2. Sock choice is just as important as shoe size… how do the socks you wear for MUni compare to those you use in your other sports?

  3. If you goof up on your first pair and get them too big, you can change socks and/or add an insole to take up space, then correct with the next pair.

They do loosen up, in my experience, a decent amount with wear. If you wear them tight, I imagine, they would loosen up faster.

If you buy them too short, no amount of loosening up will make them bearable.

My two cents.

Thanks for the answer U-turn, that is helpful. I prefer to have good fitting shoes and wear thin socks so that I have good feel and no foot squirming. But, I agree that too small is always a bad thing. You didn’t mention what size your foot measures or what you wear in other shoes. I was curious if the Duallys tend to run toward the larger or smaller end of the size scale, if you know what I mean.
Of course if these were available in local stores I would just try them on, but ordering online I am trying to have the best chance of getting the right ones.


My pleasure Scott. As far as relation to other sizes, I’m not the best source because I wear sandals or the 661s most of the time. I’ve chosen my other shoes, boots and running shoes, for handling a wide range of foot swelling, sock choice, and insole issues for long-distance backpacking. They are 12s (the running shoes) and 13s (the boots). In the boots, I’m using the neoprene insole, inner liner socks, and medium-weight wool socks, and there is some room for foot swelling. In the 12s, I’m not using the neoprene insole, and I’m wearing two pairs of liner socks, and there is a little room for foot expansion.

Generally, though, I’d say that my “real size” is about 11.

Okay, that gives me something to go on. My 11.5 size shoes are also marked Eur 45, so I guess the 11/45 Duallys should work with thin socks if I am willing to risk it.

Better yet, just send me your Duallys to try out. :slight_smile: Please have them disinfected first. :astonished:


The AXO/661 shoes come in full metric sizes. The US size listed is whatever is closest to the full metric size. If you know your size in metric you’ll get a better fit than if you try to figure out your size in the US size system.

For me I usually wear a 10.5 for skate shoes like Vans and sometimes I wear a 10.
For the AXO Dually I wear the 45-11. The 44-10 was too small for me. In my experience the AXO sizes are on the small side so if you’re in between sizes it’s better to go for the larger size than the smaller size.

AXO/661 has a sizing chart on their web page. It’s a downloadable PDF file.
Click through: Gear Selector >> Shoes >> BMX & Casual
There will be a sizing chart button at the bottom left corner of the web page.

You can try playing around with the PDF version and printing it out. After you print it you’ll have to measure the 1" scale to make sure it printed at the right size. If the 1" marks are not 1" then you’ll have to go to a photocopy shop and shrink/enlarge it by a few percent till you get the right size. Then you can put your foot on the scale and see what size you are.

Use the size conversion scale that AXO/661 publishes. It is slightly different than the scale used for generic shoes or other shoe brands, but it matches their shoe sizes better.

Using 661’s scale a US 11.5 is a metric 46. I’d go for the size 46.

The Dually’s seem to run a size too large.

I’m a size 9 to a 9.5. Which would mean I should wear a 43. Nope. 43 is too snug. I tried a brand new 43 Dually recently.

I’m on my second pair of Dually’s size 44 and very happy with them. In US size a 44 is a size ten US. I’m definitely not a ten.

If they in fact run consistently large you might want a 46, not a 45.

Funny thing is, my first size 44 Dually’s fit perfectly. However, the 44’s which I just bought were about 3/4" longer than the older 44s. Although they are larger, and I have LOTS of toe room, the 43 is still too snug for my taste. I wouldn’t call it too small, but I got used to that roomy feel in the toes.

Just my two cents.


Thanks for all the detailed replies. I knew I could count on you guys.
John, thanks for the size chart suggestion, I don’t know why I didn’t notice that when I was on the web site. I downloaded it, took a screenshot, corrected the scaling and printed it out. My foot measures exactly a 46, confirming what all three of you said.

This forum is great.


661’s sizing doesn’t match up with that scale. For 661 shoes it is much better to use the size conversion scale that 661 publishes on their web site and on their shoe boxes.

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>AXO/661 has a sizing chart on their web page. It’s a downloadable PDF

I have a booklet that gives conversion information for US (children,
men, women), English, French and Mondopoint shoe sizes. The latter is
just centimetres. French is what is commonly known as metric, and it
is based on the cm indeed which I didn’t know.

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