661 dually shoes reviewed

So i’ve had these for a little while, and finally went out for some serious trials action tonight. they are amazingly grippy and saved my ankles a few times with the built in ankle cups. better than plain high top shoes. it was seriously hard to slip on the pedals, sometimes made subtle corrections in foot placement a pain but overall fantastic. i haven’t felt this secure on pedals since i put clipless on my bike. damn. if you had any doubts, buy these shoes.

the '04 model is going for USD$30 currently at beyondbikes

Doh, they don’t have my size, and I’m leery about spending $70 on shoes I’ve never tried on… I usually buy my shoes for $25 at Wal-Mart :wink:

I would like to buy shoes from 661, but theya re expensive, but now I get discounts, so I will soon.

As for now, I have a pair of 661 Ankle biters, I ripped\cut out the insoles to my cons, places the ankle biters in, put in a new set of gel insoles, put my feet, in, secured the ankle biters, laced my shoes, then was off. Its the most comfortable shoe I have ever walked\ridden in, I love it, plus, the ankle biters will last forever, insoles are like 10 dollars, and I get my cons for 10-20.

Why do you get discounts?

I am sponsored by 661 =p

I wasn’t sure about that so I asked:p