661 Ankle protection and 661 shinguards

I wonder if anybody of you guys has these ankle protectors
http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=533 combined with these shinguards

I already have the shin/kneeguards, but I hurt my ankle a little bit too often while doing unispins. So I’m thinking of getting the ankle protectors, but I won’t if they’re uncomfortable or impossible to wear with the shinguards.

Does anybody possess this combination?


I use the 661 Ankle Biters with lowtop Vans skate shoes. The combination works great. Adds effective ankle bashing protection to lowtop shoes. Works great.

I wear the Ankle Biters with the 661 leg armor or Roach leg armor and there’s no problems with the combo. Nothing uncomfortable about wearing both.

The Ankle Biters only offer ankle bashing protection. They won’t offer any protection for twisting your ankle or hyperextending your ankle.

Thanks, so it’s a deal.

I know it’s only for not bashing my ankle, and that’s what I want to have. I guess there’s no real protection against overbending (unless you wore skiing boots perhaps).

Oh, and I ride with low van’s skatershoes, too.


Ihad some ankle biters on order as a christmas present, but the shop were out of stock, so I’m going to order them next week. I also wear vans deck shoes. Specifically rowley XL 2’s.
They be luvverly for unicycling in, particularly with snafu concaves…UBER grip. Oh yeah, I wear (slightly stinky) KH leg armour…Hmm. Maybe it’s worth getting the 661 race braces for Muni. as it’s Hyper extension and pulls/twists of the ankle I’m worried about rather than skins and scrapes of the ankle bone.


Yeah but you can protect yourself at least from one of the possible ankle injuries.


Do any of you play soccer? For ankle protectors, I occasionally
use the ankle guards that attach to soccer shin gaurds. They attach the shinguard to your ankle, know what Im talking about? They work great! and theyre free if you already have soccer shin guards.


Got them

Now I received them, and they fit very well combined with my 661 4x4. Yet one thing disturbs me - The big area that is as big as my foot - it’s just stupid to get into and out of shoes with this thing. So now I am thinking about cutting it off - has anybody done this before? I don’t think it will affect the stability or anything else for the protectors - what do you think?

I want to remove the red areas:

Thanks for help;

I wear the Ankle Biters with that big black footpad thing under the insole of the shoe. That’s the way it’s most comfortable. Yeah, it means that you have to strap them on when you put the shoe on. But it’s only one Velcro flap and one Velcro buckle per foot. It takes more time for me to tie my shoe than to deal with the Velcro straps on the Ankle Biters. It’s not a big deal unless you’re in the habit of taking your shoes off several times during the ride.

Yeah, these work best when the footpad thing is under your insole. If you cut off the footpad I’d imagine that the remainder could rotate off your ankles if they got rubbed by pedalling action or in a crash. Thus your ankles wouldn’t be protected. Sometimes insoles are glued in and take a bit of pulling to separate them.


Thanks, dude. After I put it under my insole everything went out to be fine :slight_smile:
I just didn’t think about putting that thing under my insole.