661 ankle biters...

h3y all/anyone!
are they s’posed to be this bloody uncomfortable?? they’re killin’ the arches o’ me feet when i land. i also managed to rip the logo patch half off on the inside left ankle after 3 seconds of idling in my living room. sadly, it was the first 3 seconds i had ridden in them.
they also seem to get buffeted and knocked about pretty badly by the cranks on me kh20. i bought them for ankle protection to try to cure my permanently bruised ankle bones. i was also hopin’ it’d enable me to wear somethin’ a little more comfortable than me hikin’ boots.
any thoughts? am i that inept?? {yes, greg, i already know your answer to that question. :p}

I put them under the insole of my shoes. That makes them more comfortable for me. It makes them less convenient because they have to stay in the shoe when you take your foot out. But definitely more comfortable.

never tried the ankle biters but i have been using some football (not american) shin pads with ankle protectors, cut up just leaving the ankle gaurd and the sock type thing its stuck to. they are verry comfy and verry cheap.


I replaced the card board stuff with non streachy fabric and it makes them really comfortable to wear. I didnt do it though my mom did. so if you dont know how to sew than its pointless

i tried your method an’ it seemed to work great {more or less} for the right foot. the left foot it only helped for about 90 seconds, then it became almost unbearable again. i think the problem is that the insole is too damn narrow for me feet. that an’ the hem is bunched up right under a sensitive section o’ me arch.

hmmmm, i think i may look into this if i can’t make these bloody things work. seems like a great idea in the making.

dub, mon:
when you say “card board”, i assume you mean the plastic insole?? i think i understand what you mean an’ i may go this route. we’ll see, we’ll see.

thanks for the input, guys.

I have medical arch supports in my shoes, and I put the anklebiters under 'em. Works fine…I even forget to take them off sometimes :p)

Thankfully, I bought the Profile hub & crankset so I don’t have this problem.

However, I would like to know
. . . .how come people don’t just wear hightops?

Ankle support, protection from Kris Holm cranks, protection from pedals.

I have some 661 ankle bitters, and they work fine.
I got to admit, mine have come apart. The ‘661’ logo part on the inside of the right one is falling off, but super glue fixes that!

Mine were really uncomftable until i put them under the shoes insole.
Also, remember to cut the plastic base on them to size!!!


i DO wear hightops. well, hiking boots, anyway. they’ve actually been phenomenal as ankle/kh crank protection. however, they suck to wheel walk in. they’re not bad on a 26x3, but the little 20x2.5 is almost impossible for me.

my insoles are a soft closed-cell foam which means they do very little for makin’ the ankle biters more comfortable. i tried that as soon as i got jc’s suggestion. i may look into gettin’ new insoles. an’ o’ course i cut the plastic down to size. it won’t fit in the shoe otherwise.
however, i crashed an’ tweaked me ankle last night. thankfully i was wearin’ my hikin’ boots, so damage is minimal. i may just forgo the bloody things an’ keep at the wheel walkin’ in the boots 'til i get it.
thanks for all the input.

I ride my kh cranks all the time with skateboarding shoes and I never have the problem with my ankles. so I dont know whats wrong with you guys

Fox Racing makes an ankle guard. Similar to the 661 ankle guard but different. Might be more comfortable for you than the 661’s. Gregg’s Cycle has the Fox ankle guards (at least the Bellevue store does). You can try them on and see if they agree with your feet.

Fox’s web site is not so good to navigate. You have to go to their online store to see the ankle guards. Go to the Online Store >> Bike >> Knee & Elbow Guards


Re: 661 ankle biters…

Maybe this is one of the side-benefits of having a wife who also unis?? I’d be breathing my last breath the day I tried to ride a unicycle in our house… :sunglasses:

thanks. i think i will forgo buyin’ those. after almost sprainin’ my ankle tuesday, i am less interested in the ankle protectors. my hiking boots give great lateral support an’ i think i will stick with them. however, i think i’ll break out the sewin’ machine one o’ these days an’ convert the 661’s into somethin’ resemblin’ the fox guards for when i am not jumpin’ around an’ bein’ stupid. well, that or give them to jenn. thanks for the help…

tom b:
it’s not like i’m pedal grabbin’ the studio grand :stuck_out_tongue: