661 4x4s slippage

one of the biggest complaints people have with the 661 4x4s is that they slip down when riding. well today, I decided to try putting what I thought was the right pad on the left leg and the left pad on the right leg. when riding and walking around, I noticed almost no slippage. so the “right way” to put on the pads is to have the first set of velcro in between your legs.

I’m inconsistent with how I put mine on, and have never had any slippage problems.

It all depends on how they fit your legs.

One option is to cut the toes off a pair of tube socks. Roll the socks up and wear them like ankle bracelets. The rolled up socks stop the pads from sliding down so far. There are other similar options as well. Get creative.

Course buying armor that is long enough in the first place is going to help more than hacks and fixes.

Yeah i always presumed that the velcro fasteners go on the outside, else they all stick together when they walk along. I’m judging from your avatar that you’re fairly tall, but being a runner have thin legs so I guess it’s no surprise they slip. I wear high top boots for riding muni and my pads basically sit on top of them so they can’t slip down, might be worth considering.

actually, i was second shortest guy on the team :wink: