661 4x4's Medium

I got this size based on the sizing chart, and they are really just a bit too small. I would be happy to trade for a Large if anyone feels like they just have too much room; otherwise $20+shipping. Excellent condition, just waiting for the right size leg to protect.


so, i see the chart says:
Med: 17" top opening 9" bottom opening, 14.5" long
What are your measurments?
as far as i can tell, mine are
14" above the knee
9" upper ankle

so it looks like they’re large for me up top, but just right at the ankle- tips?


My leg measures about 9" at the ankle, and just over 17" above the knee. My problem was that they are just a little too short from knee to ankle, and they would drift down a bit. From reading other post’s I gathered that common wisdom is to size them more for length than for girth. I have larger pads now, and they stay where I want them.

Let me know if you want other photo’s or info.


p.m. sent

did these sell yet? if not i’ll take them

Sale pending to mbalmer. If for some reason it falls through I’ll let you know.

It won’t fall through :D.