661 4x4

I’m looking for 661 4x4 in a size small and in Australia the cheapest I have found is $70 + shipping. On price point in USA they are only $23. Can someone buy them and then I’ll buy them off you for around $30 and I’ll pay for shipping. Price point calculated the shipping to be $55, is the slowest shipping much cheaper?

If anyone has secondhand ones (or similar shin/knee) or bought the wrong size please post.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I might be able to do it for you. I’d have to see what they cost shipped if they come in at $30. Not looking to make any money off it as long as you pick up both sides of the shipping. PM me your shipping info so we can see how much it would cost total.


I have some lightly used mediums. Like as hardly used, never crashed in them. I tend to be a cautious rider and these are overkill. I realize you asked for smalls, but just in case mediums would fit you, thought I would post.
I am a 5’3" female with a 28" inseam, the mediums fit me great length and width wise. FYI.
PM me if interested. I’d ask for $20 plus actual ship. I paid $25 plus ship new a few months ago.