661 4X4 Sizing Question

Yes, I did a couple searches before I decided to post this thread. None of the results suited my specific question.

I’m about to order some new 661’s, and as it’s been a couple of years I was wondering if I needed to order a size up, in case they run small? Does anyone know if I’d need to do this.

I checked 661’s very own sizing chart, and I measure up for a small. Now, I’m pretty sure that the last time I ordered this pads, back in '05 I ordered them a size or two too big, and I don’t really like how baggy those pads feel. So, this time my line of thought is that I order the SM’s this time around. According to their sizing chart, my legs are closest to that size.

thanks for your advice,

The German Unicycle.com has a good size chart for 661. Better than the size chart at 661. The important dimension is the distance from the knee to the bottom of the armor (dimension “E” in the UDC Germany chart). Get a size that is long enough to go from your knee to near the top of your shoe around the ankle.

The 651 size chart is all concerned about girth around your knee. That’s an irrelevant dimension because the armor has elastic straps. The important dimension is the length. The idea being you don’t want the armor to be able to slide down too far (and expose the knee) when you crash. If the armor is long enough your shoe will stop the armor from sliding down enough to prevent exposing your knee.

i got the size the chart said for me and theyre a little on the big side. id go one size small.

thanks guys! i’ll be able to get them ordered today, then.