661 4x4 shin/knee guards, fit?

I got the shin/knee guards from 661. I’m pretty short and wirey, so I got youth. Around my leg they fit great. Couldnt go up a size. But my ankles are naked. :astonished: lol. I have 2 inches uncovered. Is this going to be a problem?

ok, let me post a photo. i think they are too short or what do i do? there is nothing left on the velcro that i think a bigger size would fall down.

think i should get the bigger size and sew in more velcro to make them tighter? help please lol. :roll_eyes:

Just get some ankleguards or high shoes (the ones that end above the ankle) Five Ten or 661 Dually or something like that.

so what are the names of ankle guards? I guess I could go larger size and add velcro to pull them tighter? Im a girl who knows how to sew. I would think with all the tall lanky kids out there they would fit my shins.

I would go to a bikestore and ask for some from ProTec or 661. I bet Axo or Fox have some too… depends on what the store offers.

Or just go to UDC and buy them.

That link is for a brace. Unless you have a problem with weak ankles and you are spraining your ankle regularly, you do not want to be wearing a brace all the time.

The more you wear a brace the weaker your ankle can be. You can actually loose strength in your ligaments from not using them to their full extent.

YOu want something more like this:

Just my two cents, for whatever its worth.

I talked to the dude there. Seems like what matters is its snug by the knee. There is plenty of room on the velcro there and I will be wearing jeans under too so going to try for the larger size. If I bend my leg there is close to 3" naked space on my ankles and thats not cool. If they are too big I might have to perform surgery lol. :stuck_out_tongue: Dang Im an adult! I should fit in smalls. :o But he said around the shins they should hang loose. And I agree as if they are snug you cant move as well. I can easily handle an inch wider on the knee so think this will work. I need ankles covered as I know I will bash my ankles doing flip tricks, etc. when I get to that. The smalls are 4 inches longer so they will go down to cover my ankle bone and only 1 inch wider. So this will work right? Would be funny if I had to trim them lol. Thanks!!

just buy a pair of soccer shin pads with ankle guards the chop them off works for me

Since I’m old and been busted up, learned to not to skimp on pads. I got the next size up, PERFECT length. The only problem since they run wide now is that I need more of the softer velcro on the straps and to cut the straps shorter. Sewing on velcro no prob. I have some. But cutting the straps down, do I melt the ends slightly or will it be OK to not unravel? Any hints? Its really only on top as I guess I have skinny thighs.

I was searching for shin armor info and found your thread, looks like no one answered your last question, I’m guessing you’ve already modified them by now. But if not, then melting is usually the best way to go I’ve found, if it’s got something meltable in the material, I always melt the ends.

I got mine for $40 or something like that. They turned out OK as it. The top strap was a touch big around but they dont fall down. I actually like it they are big as a snug pad would be uncomfy for the unicycle. They dont spin around like elbow/knee pads do!