661 4x4 Shin Guard Questions

Well I saw this

and its cheap,
but the problem is, its in large.
can someone please give me reference how large this large actually is?
I’m about 5’6…
THanks in advance.

I’m 5’11" and I had the mediums because that is what the sizing chart said would fit. What I found was that they were too small. They fit well around my legs, but they were just a little too short for my 32" inseam, and wouldn’t stay where I needed them. The large is a much better fit for me. I also think that it is better to get them a little loose. I suppose it could be annoying if they are too loose, but I can’t imagine they would be as bad as if they aren’t long enough.

If I needed a new pair I’d jump on this price. At this price you could get them, and if they don’t work for you sell them for what you paid. It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who would take them off your hands on this forum. I even might consider it.

Hmm, I’ll stop by my local bike shop, I just found it LOL. If they fit, I’ll buy them online, thanks alot, I wasn’t thinking lol.

omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg 10$? i just bought a new freakin pair. i might just get another. i wear large too.

What!!! I’m gonna buy a pair for sure, when I first got my pads(2 years ago?) I thought the XSmall were better because I wanted to do trials, but, now in Muni those XS aren’t really useful. And I fell on my knee yesterday while “Flatlanding”.

Wow! I almost ordered a pair of these from my LBS a couple weeks ago for $40. Really glad I waited! Just placed my order a minute ago.

I have em I’m not too happy with the straps I was taking them off one day and the strap ripped off clean. I now have to pay to send them back to see if they will be warranted. This was only after having them a month. IMO they should not rip when coming off. I paid full price too! :angry: . How ever they do protect well and the ventilation is good on them.

I think you got a bad pair. I can’t imagine the straps ripping off of mine so easily. Good luck with the replacements.