661 4x4 question

Ok just a quickie, i am in need of shin gaurds badly, also some back leg protection. Do the 661 4x4’s go all the way round the back.
Thanks in advance

Not on my legs they don’t.


Well yes they do if they are the right size.

Oh dear, actually I have always suspected that my legs were the wrong size :frowning:


The actual padding doesn’t go all the way around, but there is a nylon (?) backing and 3 wide straps that go around the back. It isn’t great protection, because you do still get stuck with pins once in a while, but it’s pretty rare, and pretty superficial. Just go with the 4x4s. That’s what everyone else uses, and we seem to be pretty satisfied.

For sizing check out the sizing guide at Municycle.com. That will let you know if they’ll fit all the way round your legs.

The backing has saved me from many a pedal scrape on my calf. It doesn’t protect bruises, but you don’t really get bruises on the nice meaty muscle back there.

They stop the pedals from leaving scars but not from bruises as some one else said. The straps get annoying so i just cut them off so now i only have the velcro to hold them on…(to long to put on and take off)

I think your legs are the perfect size Cathy, they reach all the way to the floor, and not an inch further.


If my top leg measurement is in between medium and large which one would work the best? I looked at the municycle.com site but it’s confusing for where to measure each part…


I’d say don’t bother too much with measurements and just get 'em. they’re pretty good, and I like mine even though they’re kinda large.

The length measurement is much more important than the top leg measurement. Just make sure that the pads are not going to be too long to fit between the bottom part of the bend of your kneed and the top of your shoe. You generally want the top leg strap to be loose anyways to keep the pads from chafing your knee. If your legs are long enough for the large then get the large.

on the municycle chart, where would I measure on my body to find the length, and is E or F the total length?

get large, they will work

Measure from the top of your kneecap down to the tongue of your sneakers. If that measurement is more than 39 cm (15.4 inches) then get the Large.