661 4x4 pad sizing? They seem long.

I am new to muni and just got my first set of pads.
I got the 661 4x4s in size medium. I am a 5’3" female rider who is petite. I would normally order smalls in everything and did, except for the shin/knee pads. I read that people recommened that they hit the top of your shoe/foot to prevent them from riding down as you pedal. So I measured and came up with a length that indicated size medium.

Well, they definately hit the top of my foot. They seem long in a straight stance but fine when I bend my leg. Falling from standing onto my bent knees, they seem to fit perfect. Is this normal? I don’t know normal for pads, they seem so big!

They fit fine around my legs, straps fully tighten okay.

The pads can be a bit bulky. It sounds like the articulated section is in the right spot which is important and having the area above your knee cap covered is good too. Have you tried riding with them?

I leave the tops of mine fairly loose so I don’t get chaffing around the knee when riding, the middle and lower straps are tight and that is enough to keep the pads from moving around.

Yes, my next pair of KH Percussion leg armor will be large even though my shins are of medium length because I do want them hitting the top of my shoes to keep them high enough to cover my knees in a fall. Check my albums for POC pads which are the ultimate in comfort only lacking in rear calf coverage.

Thanks guys!

I suppose it just takes getting used to. I rode a bit with them today and I do think they are the correct length for pedaling and having pads in the right place for falling, they adjust tight enough as well. The bulk sucks though. I guess for learning and falling, they will be great! I just can’t imagine them necessary once I get better, I mean all I hear is that unicycling is actually safer than biking or skating. Well, I have biked my whole life and am a decent skater. I’ve never used pads for either sport.
Lucky? Maybe.

I dunno, I’d love the POC pads but they are so pricey. Price point has the EVO shins for $39 and I have the veggie neoprene elbows, so I keep second guessing myself on the 4x4s vs a thinner neoprene sleeve shin knee separate set. Something less bulky and wearable under jeans. But maybe less bulky equals less protection.
Which for later, might be fine. But for learning, might spell trouble.

It all depends on what you’re doing on a unicycle. I only wear a helmet when riding on roads, sidewalks, greenways, etc. because unplanned dismounts (UPDs) are rare and the vast majority can be walked or ran out - you end up on your feet and not colliding with the ground. Sometimes I’ll even go without a helmet on the shorter rides.

I add shin and wrist guards when riding off road because a tree/rock/root can always catch you off guard and the occasional UPD can toss you to the ground. That’s going to happen to even the most experienced of riders from time to time.

I didn’t use any padding or protection while learning to ride but I had someone there to mentor me and they made sure I learned via the slow but safe approach. I was lucky enough to never have a bad accident while learning.

Recently my wife learned to ride and I made her get shin guards. I didn’t do that when I learned but I recommended it to her because back in the day when I learned to ride I had cruddy pedals like the kind you’d see on a child’s starter bike. She started off with pedals that more resembled a bear trap (for grip) so the penalty for making a bad mistake while learning to free mount was much higher in her case. Still she hasn’t had any accidents that padding would have saved her from. Still… better safe than sorry.

Padding is a good thing though, it can help give you a bit more confidence and often a bit of confidence is all you need to help you along with learning something new. You’ll get used to them as well. Despite their bulk (and the heat they add in the summer) I’ve found myself forgetting to take them off at the end of some intense muni rides.

Thanks for the knowledge, jb!
I do plan on riding singletrack mainly once I get good enough. Around here, that means dirt with tree roots, twisty turns, and steep but short hills and valleys.
Sounds like I use what I have now(mo padding mo betta) and reacess my needs once I have a better idea of how I use my muni and how I tend to land.