661 4x4 one size too big? ok?

I usually wear size medium for most things but with the shin pads I wanted to make sure I got enough length. I am 5’10" 160lbs and ordered a large based on length measurements. I think the length is great as they go down almost to the top of my foot and cover my ankle but a sport shoe fits fine. And my knee cap seems to be right under the sixsixone logo on the strap, I think that’s the correct spot but not sure. As for width it’s pretty far off, I have the straps as far as they will go and only the ankle and knee ones are tight enough the rest aren’t even really doing much but I don’t think they would move around too much.

So after too much detail, is that a good enough fit or should I order a medium and see if I can exchange these or sell them to someone else or something. I ordered from a private seller on amazon and all he had was large but they are brand new. I would have ordered from my LBS as the price isn’t a lot more but none of them carry 661, they might have been able to order but no trying them on. I couldn’t find much detail on fit so was going by length mainly thinking they would have the same adjustablitiy for girth but I guess not. I can actually undo the knee and ankle straps and slide them on with no shoes but on they also don’t wrap around the sides of my legs since they are not pulled tight but not sure if that matters.

I’m 6foot and I wear a medium 661 is well. The middle strap doesnt do up tight, but the ankel and top ones do. I thinks thats how the mad but i’m not fully sure of this

I’m 5’10" and 82kgs/185lbs - and I like the Large. I have pretty big calves (calfs??) and the Large is good for me. Unless you are really skinny, the L will work.

I Think that the M would be short and too tight on the wrap. I like to have the top loose if it is hot, and not a problem to mobility.

OK, one gripe…when I was trying to learn unispins, I took a couple of huge pedal hits on the shins, and I was bleeding right through the pads. I’ve done this on both legs. Now, I wear soccer shin pads under the 661’s when trying new street/trials stuff. If I’m doing MUni or XC, I just wear the 661’s.

I have modified the 4x4’s a bit, but I’ll get another pair as these are getting close to the end by the fall I think.

If you have the medium at 6ft and the strap doesn’t do up tight they might be okay. For me and the L, the middle strap isn’t even touching my leg though. But the velcro underneath that is. Odd design, unless if you tight everything else too much and they pop off that one will keep them on your legs?

Thanks, I am pretty skinny, probably 30lbs of that 160 is body fat, scales say I’m like 18%bf and I don’t have much muscle but working on it. How did you modify them? Did you get pedal bite on the front or back of your shin?

I’ve probably got the straps close to maxed out but not as huge as they seemed earlier (just tried them on again.) Thinking a medium would be better for me strap wise but I like the length and as long as the elastic doesn’t stretch too much I should be okay. I’ll think about it before I wear them anywhere and are no longer new. I guess maybe a sewing shop could shorten the straps later on if need be.

I see what people were talking about with the lack of protection in key areas for airflow (the new models,) but better then nothing and cover the back if just with cloth.

So do straps go in or out? Not sure which is right and left. I’m still learning on a 20" cottered crank duct tape special but I do want to do more and after flipping my mountain bike into a creek and banging my shin on something I might wear them for that when going solo anyway. Pads are for sisses on the trail and noone wears them unless you downhill or freeride I’m told, but if your all by yourself injuries may be more likely and even when carrying a cell phone you have to wait or walk. So I’m kinda tempted to be a sissy, I’ve wrecked enough so far without more then minor injuries but each wreck could have been much worse I think.

Sorry, I haven’t been as attentive to the thread as I should be I guess.

My major pedal hits have been on the front. The padding is good for most conditions, except a direct drop onto your shin on the pedal - in my experience. The shin area circled on the pic.

I was (do) a fair amount of Muni on rocky trails, and I’ve taken hits on my knees that did not make me too happy. I don’t like some of the other armour, so I modified the knees by sewing on knee caps from a pair of Solomon knee pads. I used a sewing awl, and a tool to make sure the holes were big enough for the needle on the awl. You can see the major hit I took on the left one, with the crack in it!!

Regarding the “odd” behind the knee band, I sewed on some loop (velcro) for the place where I wanted the band to attach, indicated by the arrows.



I’m 6’2" and 160 lbs. I have the large size, based on length.

The only strap that’s under any kind of tension is the top one (ones, on one of mine. What IS that goofy little extra strap for, really?). Still, with the velcro for the back, it holds them secure enough on my skinny legs that I’ve not had any issues with slippage or looseness.

Would be nice if they put a bit more velcro on the straps, tho.

Go for the length size. My legs are skinny so I had to take the velcro and double it over so the straps are tight. I usually wear the race face ones as they are narrower but dont get the back at all and the straps are irritating behind the knees. For 661, just make sure the top strap is snug. They dont provide me with enough knee protection so I’ll think about the knee pad sewn on top too. The plastic would help!

Thanks again everyone, I’ll stick with the large. It would be nice if they did have more velcro on the straps, the stuff don’t cost that much and would allow it to fit more people better. How did you double over the velcro? It might not need explaining but I just woke up from a nap so a bit foggy :stuck_out_tongue:
That is a great idea sewing on knee caps. Do they protect from pedal bites on the back enough or would it be a good idea to have soccer shin pads on backwards for muni with pinned pedals? And whatever happened to the cheapie foam or whatever shin pads? When I played soccer in elementary that is what I had but now they are all fancy and have plastic inserts for $12 and up. I was going to get some thinking they were $5 until I ordered some as I don’t have a muni yet and working on a cheap 20" but whacked myself on a bruised spot from mountain biking with the frame that felt great.

Soccer shin pads – hate to promote the store BUT they are the cheapest - WalMart

I didn’t know wal-mart was that bad compared to others but I did check there too. All mine had was little kids sized. Dunhams had some for $12 so guess I’ll get those if I need them just more pad then I needed as extra for the 4x4s just the cheap stuff would be fine. Meijer did have kinda what I was talking about as a sock shin guard (in a tube sock) for $6 or $8 but again only kid size.
Also wonder if size large 2x4’s would fit or are mediums the same length and just smaller wrap? They guy has them for like $28 shipped.