661 2x4

hey i’m thinking of getting the 661 2x4 before i hurt my arm again. What do you guys think of them?

are they pretty comfy and dont get in the way when you are doing big hops?


I’ve got some, only wear them for really serious rocky Muni, they’re a little restrictive of your arm movement, I don’t particularly like them.

I went with a set of Fox Launch Pads as they seemed to me to be more comfortable than the 661’s They are also slightly shorter in the forearms which allows me to wear my wrist guards with no overlap. The Fox’s do not get in the way of anything that I do and are a lot faster to put on. (only one strap to tighten and they stay in place very well)

do you mean these pads?
they look kinda tougher than the 2x4 i woul;d have thought more restrictive…

what abou thte kris holm arm guards or whatever they are called?

I say get pro-tec elbow pads. I’ll check witch model I have, but I like them tons more than my 661 arm/ forearm. They are way more comfy, durable, and give more protection.

edit: I have the park elbow pads.


I like them. I only wear them when trying new trials stuff though. I find them plenty comfortable, and not restrictive at all…

I like my 2x4s. Pretty comfy and not restrictive. Saved me from a rew rocks, too

Yes those are the pads that I use.

Sorry I should have also added that yes they do appear to be more restrictive than the 661’s but I find them to be very mobile and they bend and conform easily.

Not to change the subject here or anything but I use 661 4 x 4’s and find them to be way more comfortable than the Fox style of leg protection so I’m not loyal to any particular brand

If possible try some different equipment on at a local retailer so that you can get an actual feel for the gear

problem is thats not really possible no shop has them to try round here, i bought my 4x4 cause i realised thats wot everyone had basically and my shins were getting eaten away…

i can get the 2x4 off ebay for £21 with postage or the chicken wing elbow guards or the DJ elbow guards

Which one is better? I realise that 2x4 protect the forearm too, but i’m not sure that is all that usefull considering the extra amoutn of sweat thats gonna be created :stuck_out_tongue:

just bought the 661 2x4 in small for £20.99 brand new 06 model… Can’t wait to try them on… I think if anything it’ll boost my confidence when i do silly things

I just wore the 661 Race pads http://www.sixsixone.com/Catalog_661Bike.aspx?id=6b4de4fc-aff4-4e20-9a40-989bb1860468&product=4d332527-8e4c-4dc2-bc36-09359c42743b
all over moab last week. They saved my butt numerous times and are a lot cooler than 2x4’s. They didn’t move around like the race leg pads would have.

arm armour saves your butt? impressive got to get me some of those…

well i though about them but they were abit more expensive and not available cheaper on ebay… plus i figured some soft protection 4x4 style was probably more adapted to unicycling.

the reason 4x4’s are so good is because they protect the back of the leg as well and refuse to move around. You don’t need to protect the inside of the arm, and race arm pads don’t move around like race leg pads do. Either pad will work fine, however.

Arm gaurds are soo useless.

how soo?

do you enjoy brokem, bloody, fractured, torn arm apendages?

yeah he must LOL… some people just think they are too cool for protections…

Tell that to Dogbowl who no longer rides due to his shattered elbow.

I started wearing them recently due to a similar elbow hit during muni - I got lucky and could still work the next day. If I had hit a little bit harder I wouldn’t have been able to work. No work, no job. No job, no money, food, rent, or unicycles. For general laborers like me arm guards are a good idea. It’s not like I can still earn a living with a broken arm. (atleast until I get a better job) Seeing how scratched up my race’s got at moab last week I’m pretty glad I had 'em on.

yeah thats what i figured, miught as well have protection on your elbows even if you wont hit them that often, i dont want to break my arm…

i thgought about getting them cause i fell on my elbow quite badly a week back and realised that it could easily have nee alot worst.

anyways they shoudl come through the post anytime soon…

well i guess it depends on how you ride, in my 4 years of riding i have never got a cut on my arms.