63rd B-day Uni Challenge(s)

Here’s my 63rd B-day Uni Challenge(s) video, trying hop my age in stairs then ride as many miles. Shot in 4k with my new GoPro 7 with Hyper smooth stabilization! What a fantastic Adventure it was! :smiling_face: Watch to the end to see my closing line regarding doing it again next year! :laughing:

Happy birthday, Terry! The image stabilization really improves the video. Do you take any air out of your tire for stair hopping? Your tire looked pretty firm during the hops in the video.

Thanks, yes you have a good eye for detail! I did have too much air in the tire and didn’t really realize it till about halfway up but at that point I just decided to keep going. It’s also probably why I was so winded at the end because there wasn’t enough bounce in the tire so it took a lot more out of me than it should have. :disappointed_relieved:

Even a “1/3 of my age” challenge seems intimidating… great job!

Great job! Keep inspiring us.

yes and take it from me it sure doesn’t get easier as you get older haha!

Thanks Lou!

These two latest challenges totally maxed me out, and like the title, literally brought me to the breaking point! But when you’re battling father time it’s okay to fight dirty, and on this day I gave him a swift kick in the n#ts! Shot 1.25.19.