6203 bearings on eBay

There is a set of 10 6203 17mmx40mm bearings for sale on eBay. Price is $6 with $8 shipping. These should fit a Suzue hub.


I have no connection with the seller. I just found them in a search for 6203 3/4 bearings for my Profile hub. I was looking to find the exact dimensions of the bearings for my Profile so I can local purchase them.


Thanx MoJoe- those will do nicely. I’ll spread 'em around the MUC.


Re: 6203 bearings on eBay

6203 ABEC-1 double sealed bearings are available all sorts of places for about $5 each. The $1.40 each is a great price (shipping is included in that) but you would want to make sure that they are not open bearings. One source for 6203 and 6203-3/4 or 5/8 double sealed bearings is McMaster-Carr.

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