60km Paris-Ancaster (ontario) (or 30km option) April 18

Me and m_extreme_uni did the 30 KM last year.

I’m in for the 60km this year.

The 30km portion of it was mostly rough beat up pavement, with not too many MTB sections, although there were a few

Anyone else intersted?


(Threadjack, sorry)

Out of curiosity, are there /any/ places near you with original names?

I saw this thread and thought, “60km from France to Lincolnshire? Wow!”… :roll_eyes:


No there isn’t.

Well, we MUni alongside the Thames River, so I guess that’s good enough :wink:

I may be interested

My mtb buddy did the paris-ancaster last year on his bike. I may do it on my bike this year. I only have a 20’’ wheel so it would take me a very long time to do it by unicycle. (unless i could borrow someones 24’’)

How long did it take you to do the 30km race last year?


I have a 24" you could use.

Last year on the 26" w/102’s it took me an hour forty eight. Ryan with his 29"/102’s took him a an hour forty four.

want a 24" with 102’s?

edit: I also have 127’s, 152’s, and 170’s if fastest time is not what you are looking for.

Say, what tire would you like on that? 2.3" Stout? 3.0" Gazz?

yeah, i’m down.
I think jeff showed some interest as well
we would both do the 60km race.



Hey Ryan, is your mom in again this year?


What crank length do you prefer? I ride a 20’', so a 24" will be so much faster. Doesn’t your crotch start to hurt after a while of riding?? If I ride for half an hour on my KH20 I get sore and have to walk a bit.
What kind of seat does this 24" have and do you have any thing larger than a 24", now that I see you guy race larger tires?

Thanks for the help,


I don’t have any comfortable seats (all my velos are busted except for one) I was gonna lend you the wheel and frame as you said you already had a 20.

Far be it for me to discourage anybody…but learning to adapt to a unicycle style you have never ridden might not be the best thing for a ride that would have you in the saddle for 2+ hours

If you are in, I think you should use the 127’s…as the 152’s I originally offered are now bent.