60 cm sidehop competition!

As confirmed by the “next comp poll”
Standard rules apply, must never have landed it before.
Must show proof that it was 60cm or more.
Must land it clean and ride/hop away.
Here’s the trophy: *)—60cm sidehop-*O

Name: Kyle
Favorite Tricks: not much, learning to wheel walk, jumping off of stuff
Note to the competion: i r teh n00b!

-.- aww, I can’t do it cause I’m leaving for the weekend…Oh well…

Yeah, I’m still having camera difficultly :confused:

what if you’ve already landed one before?

can you still enter?

I might try it. My sidehop right now is 53cm, am I in a reasonable range? What height are you guys previously at?

This is a flat comp, so if you’ve gone 60cm+ down something but not just on flat ground then you are still eligible :slight_smile:

Well, as it turns out, I’ve never measure my sidehope before so when I was practicing for the comp I measured and I’m already past 60 cm >.<

But just go for it, the practice is good and you can still win

nope, unless your circumstances are like vanpaun’s

Im up for this, shouldnt be to hard a competition.

name: James
favourite trick: Jumping stair sets (not a trick i know :D)
note to competition: dont have a note to leave

Is it 60 cm high jump? Or long?

Good point! If its long then i’ve already done it, i can get 6ft :smiley:

Well i’m at 52cm, I better start training.

I’m quite new to this forum and I’m not sure I fully understand how this competition thing works. What’s the idea of it? Rules and so on?!

is this from flat to flat? Btw, for those ppl that live in the USA, 60 cm is just a hair under 2 feet. You must mean hopping UP. Please specify.

i think that 1 inch = 2,54cm!
So: 60cm = something about 23,6 inches!

I can’t join this one… i’m in for a 90cm competition :smiley:

Im in! :smiley: My previous record is 58~59 cm :smiley: Can I still enter?

name: Linus
favourite trick: Anything with body varials
note to competition: I’m the best?

Let’s make it 60 inches! :sunglasses: I’d be in for that.

Rules are, if you have already jumped up something 60cm or more, you cannot be in this competition, so all of you that are below 60cm, then youre good.

I dont understand the flat to flat question. Im sure if you jumping from something slanted to something else flanted, and as long as the height from take off to landing is 60cm, you should be good.

But really its very simple, just go film yourself jumping up a 60cm ledge, stack of pallets, stairs, or whatever measures up to 60cm.

Ok so then it is UP to something, not a side hop ACROSS from flat to flat. I was only asking for clarification since “side hop” can mean both across or up. When I hear the term side hop I usually think of side to side; across, not JUMPING UP to something. I thought 2’ across seemed way to easy.

Im in!
im at 54 cm so far so i might not make it first but i still want to complete this :slight_smile:

Oh right. Thanks for the clarification. I think I’m a little too new a unicycling to enter this one. I dont think I’ve managed to hop onto anything above the 2nd step of some standard sized stairs. So maybe around 25-30cm. Lots of practicing to be done! Enjoy the comp.

I’m around the 55 cm range, if I MIGHT just be able to own you all if I get home early tomorrow. :smiley: