6 year old looking for a 20" trials Uni

My 6 year old son has decided it is time to start riding and wants his own uni.

I have tried the small wheeled starters for my other son but we found the best learner to be my KH 20 with the seatpost cut all the way down. He has now been upgraded to a 24" Nimbus Muni and is happy.

My younger son is just not tall enough for the KH and I just can’t slice the frame.

So I am looking for an older Nimbus trials (square cranks would be great) or something similar. I would like short cranks like 125s but that is just a hope. My main concern is a true wheel with a fat tire. Since I plan on chopping the frame and seat post any way scratches and such are no big deal.
As always I am hoping to keep the cost down but am willing to pay fair value.

I am located in Tampa FL 33603 for any shipping concerns


The torker DX 20 came stock with 125mm cranks. So you might want to track one of those down. Lately there have been a number of used DX’s going for pretty reasonable prices.
The DX is a heavier unit than most others but it does come with a splined hub so once your son starts to work on hops / jumps etc he won’t be doing any damage to it.


Thanks for the input.
Anyone have a DX 20 they are looking to part with?

You might want to post an ad in the Trading Post section of the forums. Those interested in selling might only be looking there.

I have a Nimbus Trials with 125mm KH moments. e-mail me at live2run@wi.rr.com.
$285.00 US dollars plus s/h.

Thanks for the Offer

Thanks for the offer but that is a bit beefier than I need, and a bit more than I want to spend as a first uni, for a 54 lbs six year old.

I don’t know if you have your mind set on a 20" but, UDC Canada has the 16" Nimbus trials unicycle for sale (UDC in US is out of stock). It’s like $190.00 plus shipping.

hey, congrats to jarrett for graduating to the 24":smiley:

Did you find something yet? If not, I have a uni with a trials tire (an echo currently, but could put a luna on) and suzue hub that I’m looking to get rid of. Looking for around 150 plus shipping.

Can you post a some pics or email them to me jadomini@gmail.com

I have a 20" Avenir that I used to teach a few of my friends to ride on. Upgraded the seatpost clamp, seatpost, and tire.