6'' uni?

ok, i’m stuck. pleez help me. i want to get a tiny little uni that i can fit into my locker next year in high school. any suggestions?
It doesn’t have to be really good because I have a 20’’ that i can use for more “unicycally abusive” :wink: manoeuvers. I just want to know if you guys have a fave kind of 6’’ uni. (Not likely, eh?) Anyway, thanx.


“It takes twice the man to ride half the bike.” --I’m quoting Greg Harper on that.

P.S. About those cattle prods solving life’s problems… :wink:

Re: 6’’ uni?

unisteve <unisteve.3gpcz@timelimit.unicyclist.com> slipped me a tenner and

> P.S. About those cattle prods solving life’s problems… :wink:

Indeed, cattle prods can come to the rescue in all situations, including
this one. If you have a well-charged cattle prod you could have whatever
size uni you want and leave it anywhere, because no one is going to complain
about it while you’re waving your cattle prod around in a menacing manner.

See? Wonderful devices, they are.

Phil, just me

“Massively Overcharged Cattle Prods solve ALL of life’s little problems”

Sorry, I cant help you find a 6" one, but how about an 8" one. It is out of stock right now, but unicycle.com has a pretty cool (and expensive) mini giraffe. I assume that if you were to put a reaaaaaaaaaallllllllly long seat post on it, it wouldnt be too bad to ride, just slow.
-David Kaplan

I rode one of these mini-giraffes a couple of months ago. John Childs has one that he brought out to a workshop at North Bend and let me try. It was fun but my arthritic knees were bent so tight they ached within 6 seconds. Then, before he rode it, he pulled out a L-O-N-G seat post extension and said, “I’d never ride it with that short seatpost.”

He always was a vindictive cuss.

Those little giraffes are geared up to something like a 16" wheel equivalent.

Silly rabbit. Short seatposts are for kids. I had the short seatpost on it so the kids could give it a whirl.


OK, now I want to give you the REAL story.

There I was, crouched, bent over, and in pain on that torturous mini-giraffe that John Childs brought in to “share”. I had finally gotten on the thing and got it in motion. He came running up to me, a frightening and maniacal look on his face, screaming, “LOOK AT THE FUNNY MAN!! LOOK AT THE FUNNY MAN!!” apparently to the children that were there. I thought nothing of it until he pulled out this long seat post and smacked me with it, full baseball bat swing style. Naturally, it knocked me completely off of John’s precious little toy and he began taunting me, “THAT SEATPOST IS FOR THE KIDS!! YOU TRIED TO BREAK IT!!” I was whimpering on the gym floor and the younger kids were beginning to look uneasy or I’m sure he would have kicked me while I was down. Only then did he say, “I’d NEVER ride it with that short seatpost.”

I don’t want to start another poll but, c’mon, who are you going to believe, John Childs, a generous, helpful, knowledgeable, skilled unicyclist or me, a self-centered, egotistical, malicious hack? No, wait, I’ve got that last part messed up somehow.

I definately have to agree with Harper on this one. (only because he commented me on the Black Panther)

The Black Panther with the red Miyata bumpers is a stylin uni.

I’m a fan of the all black theme too. My KH20 and KH24 are all black. But I stuck green bumpers on them so they are significantly less desirable than your Black Panther.