6 months out - Coker frame upgrade

I’m thinking about upgrading my stock Coker frame in early '07. The trouble is that I’m not sure who is still making frames and who isn’t. Is there a current list somewhere or should we just hash it out here? I’m looking for something that isn’t prone to flex. (I’m a clydesdale.)

Is it a stock coker wheel?

If so, the flex may possibly be because of a poor wheelbuild.

Also, do you run magura brakes? If you’re having problems with maguras, downgrading to a cheap caliper brake doesn’t have the brake pad rubbing issues that maguras have.


Gosh. I posted a reply but I don’t see it. Here it goes again… :roll_eyes:

Dave Stockton will pass out cold if he hears you talking like that :astonished: I can’t imagine a better wheelbuild. (heheheh) I had the rim machined for brakes but have not put any on yet. I didn’t have the extra cash for to get the brakes at the time but wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible when I did upgrade the frame. The stock Coker does not have the mounting hardware on it nor do I wish to deal with having mounts brazed on and then have to powdercoat/paint the frame.

Part of the reason for the upgrade is to be able to get setup with brakes, part is to upgrade to a stronger frame with minimal flex, and the final reason is to have a frame that looks worthy of sporting Dave’s wheelset and Scott’s saddle. The stock chrome frame just doesn’t marry up well for me so the bling factor kicks in here. It’s not all about functionality and logic. Some of it is entirely superficial. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need mounts for a caliper brake, which according to Roger unicycle.com is the best brake for a coker.

But if you want a frame anyway, hunter make a coker frame.

Oh and unicycle.com are coming out with a new frame pretty soon which would fulfil your bling criteria.


Well if you are after a frame with little or no flex and that has the bling factor check out the new UDC 36 frame, it should be available very soon (next few weeks) and is very nice.


I’m intrigued. How does it stay on the frame if it doesn’t use mounts?

I got a Hunter frame and noticed a distinct difference in flex when climbing. They are a little pricey but they are beautifully formed.

A caliper brake needs only a single hole, which you can drill yourself at the top of the forks - no need to braze on any special mounts. I believe you can also attach a V brake this way, using an adapter.

There’s a tutorial on attaching a caliper brake in the first issue of the Uni magazine.