6 km's

Now the farthest I’ve ridden a giraffe.

With a few PD’s. The ride is along the river, and I discovered something very creepy while riding. If you are on a girraffe, you are ready to fall over the side of the railing very easily, should you fall to the side. Especially how you never really have control in a ‘tip over’ I find you always have to wait it out to see what happens…keeping ‘don’t twist ankle’ at the top of your ‘things to do list’

But on top of that, keeping in mind the same kind of awkward fall, you would ‘most likey’ still fall over if you were 3 feet away. (so riding a 6 ft wide bridge down the centre has ‘skinny’ qualities to it.

This also allowed nice periods to get off, and practice freemounting again on the other side, I’m probably at 70% success with that.

Anyone using a velo on their giraffes?

Riding up/down steep hills on a giraffe is quite a different feeling.

You rode 3.7 miles (based on the current exchange rate of Canadian KMs). I had to convert before I could decide whether to be impressed.

Not yet

A little-ish.

If you’re not impressed, then I won’t be either. But if it’s a big accomplishment for you, then I will be duly impressed and congratulatory (and happy for you). Everything is relative to the rider, because we all have different strengths and weaknesses and different rates of learning. You are one of the few masters of extreme Coker riding, but I guess you are new to giraffes? (I don’t read much here lately, so I probably missed a few posts)

Keep posting about your giraffe experiences. I don’t recall people talking much about giraffes (we get “trip reports” mostly about Coker/700c distance riding and MUni).

The most I’ve ridden is a mile one-way to our little local store. It also involves crossing a rather scary (on a giraffe) bridge over the river, were you have to ride along these little 3 foot wide raised things on the sides, they’re elavated about 10 inches*. Its scary.

  • I dont know what to call it. Little ramps on either side for cars to drive over.

Well, thank you sir.

I won’t really be impressed until I hit you in the face with a water cannon though.

that’s pretty far, for a giraffe…I’ve only borrowed my friend’s giraffe to ride to school, which is about a mile from here, and that was hard. nice job

the annoying part is the chain driven feeling…feels very rough, non fluid like

I have ridden my giraffe off-road… and onto a gravel-paved walking trail. The round trip comprises about 7km, down my street, across the freeway, through a subdivision and down a short (but really really hilly!) path to the lake. I’ve got a pretty good success rate with mounting (5’ torker TX), and I converted the seat to be an airseat, which developed a bit of a leak I’m afraid.

It was definitely a good ride though - the trail is well-used, but still has an amazing woodsy feel even though it’s right in the middle of the city. Joggers also use it a lot - and when you’re nine feet tall, they usually stare as they pass by!

Surprisingly, low-hanging branches weren’t much of a problem. Hills which required me to pull on my seat to stay on were, however.

All in all, it was a good ride, and left me feeling satisfied and a bit winded by the end of it. I am definitely a fan of giraffe-distance riding. I’m very tempted by a cheap (20$) bike at the thrift store with a 46-tooth chainring. The cotterless cranks would fit right on the giraffe, and with a bit of chain adjustment, I’d have a pretty mean one wheeled goin’ machine.

let’s hear it for the really tall crew :smiley:

Bike cranks are usully 175mm, is that the length you are thinking of getting?

edit: You’ve got me really anxious.

I’m now going to re-lace this giraffe hub into a 24" muni wheel…just in case

My giraffe distance record is 50 miles/75km, shared with Bradley Bradley. We did this in the March of Dimes SuperRide in 1980 at Detroit’s Belle Isle. I say 50/75 because they listed the ride as 75km, but I think they had recently made the switch from miles (to get more sponsorship dollars) but I don’t know if they actually changed the length of the route. Everybody called it 50 miles.

We were on Schwinn Giraffes with 48:28 gear ratios. We were the first to start and the last to finish. And boy did our crotches hurt before they got numb! This was followed by painful urination. Oh the things you’ll do when you’re 18! After that we agreed not to do such a long ride again until we had big wheels…

The geared-up Schwinns were kind of hard to ride, and very hard to freemount. Speed was good, but you were still on a little 20" wheel and 6’ above the ground!

Besides the bridges with low railings, another interesting obstacle is low overhead pedestrian bridges that the bike trail passes under. There is a low pedestrian bridge over a local Seattle bike path. The first time you come to it on a 6-foot giraffe you wonder if you can duck low enough to make it under. Then when you do duck low enough to make it under you realize that it would be very bad to have a UPD right then. It is possible to make it under that bridge on a 6-foot giraffe but I don’t think I would try it if I had a Camelbak on my back unless I saw Greg Harper do it first while wearing a Camelbak.