6 inch seat post - too short?

I am gradually assembling the parts I need to transform my 29’er into a long distance machine.

I have already cut down my seat tube so that I can fit the T 7 touring handle that’s on its way. Today my Primo Rod seat post arrived. And of course its too long. I need to cut it down to 6 inches but the post has a ‘minimum’ length marker on it, closer to 7 1/2 inches. I am wondering if this recommended length is meant to apply specifically to bikes where the angles are quite different from that of a uni.

I don’t really have a choice about seat post length. I’ll cut the seat post down to the length I need. But I can’t help wonder, given that I’ll be disregarding the warning on the post, whether I’m going to be at risk riding with the Primo at less than the recommended length.

The minimum sketched on a seat post indicates the minimum amount it should be inserted into the seat tube; it has nothing to do with the recommended length of the seat post. (Bikes don’t typically cut down their seat posts at all).

As long as you’ve got about 3 inches of seat post inside the seat tube, you should be OK.

i run my 36er with like 4 inches of post.

Oh ok, got’cha, that makes sense now…‘minimun in the seat tube’, d’oh :o

Nice to know… thanks


I can’t believe you’re still using seats and seatposts. I thought we toughened you up more than that. It’s time for you to make a return visit. You’re missing some training.

Hey, that’s great news Erin. What are the dates?