6 footer...

The other giraffe that Tom sells is called a Matthews. I’ve had one for a couple
of years and it’s holding up well. I didn’t like the original seat (which I
replaced for a Scwinn-alike that I don’t like either) and the original pedals
were complete crap (I replaced them with SR pedals from Tom, which are truly
great (except in the wet)). The Matthews is assembled in CA but parts seem to
come from various places in the world, so they don’t always look exactly the
same. But the appearance of mine is really nice, all chromed. The price when I
got it was $210 but I think I remember them being $230 or so last I heard (a
year ago or so). Anyway it’s a cheap and pretty reliable way to go.

I found the 6 footer from TUF (The Uni Factory - look for it stamped somewhere
on the uni) to be very tough, but a little on the heavy side. The 8 footer I
have from Tom is also very sturdy, but it rides incredibly well - it’s more
solid than the Matthews 6 footer. As Connie says, the Miyata “Skycycle” (I think
they call it) isn’t really that high. It’s very easy (well comparatively easy)
to step up onto them from the ground. Also, as she says, you may have to wait
several months to get a uni made for you by Tom.