6-foot uni

I am also considering buying a 6-foot giraffe uni. I’ve been told that the
Unicycle Factory’s is the way to go, but I also noticed that Miyata has a
reasonably priced one as well. I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard
anything. I know that their standard is pretty good.

Paul E. Bunson

Re: 6-foot uni

I much prefer the Tom Miller (though he also stocks Miyatas, I believe , or
can get them). The Miyatas are not fully 6’ tall – they’re closer to 5 1/2
feet. The Miyata seats are also non-standard (which may not bother you). And
finally, Miller hand-makes his: Miyatas are mass-produced by a company that
specializes in unicycles with training wheels (also called “bicycles”).

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