6, 8, and 9

Yipppeee, I have never been able to ride a “skinnie” (I think that is what their called?) Like many of you, I can ride on a painted stripe on the ground forever, but elevate it, and my BRAIN takes control of the wheel!
Yesterday, during my noon-time ride, I actually rode the length of 6 railroad ties. Then I did 8 railroad ties. Then, 9 railroad ties. The reason I lost it at then end of the ninth railroad tie was because of rot through the middle of the wood. This caused it to collapse under my weight, and off I went.
I am so excited!!! These railroad ties are only 6" to 8" off the ground, but still, I rode across them. Yippeee for me! Do I sound like a kid? :smiley:
This set of railroad ties run in a continuous line for about 120 yards, I’ll make sure and let you know the day I ride the entire distance. Maybe tomorrow;)!
I am an excited, --chirokid–

Re: 6, 8, and 9



keep sharing the joy!

well done!

how wide were they exactly?

i’ve been working on skinnies using some scafolding poles. ive done the whole length of one- about 7 feet. im gradually raising it up higher and higher, at the min i’m at about 10" soon i hope to do 20":smiley:

keep on truckin!


The railroad ties are about 8" to 10" wide. Not very narrow, but great for learning and getting used to skinnies.

I did a little practice on 4" curbs today. Was lots of fun, but the one side had the sidewalk and the other a 7" to 10" drop. Not very intimiating, with the sidewalk right there, but I did feel like it was good pracitce. Good for Skinnie balance practice and skinnie brain practice. Tons of fun! --chirokid–

i`ve never realy practiced this much because i dont have a garden to set up my own trials course.
but i can generaly ride most flat things that are wider than the tyre, give me a round pole though, and i just fall down.
i should get one to practice on.